Primobolan+Oxandrolone ( Methenolone Enanthate, Oxandrolone )

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Description The description of the drug Primobolan+Oxandrolone

a Course for beginners with drugs Primobolan and Oxandrolone

Many people who regularly attend a gym in order to maintain your body in good condition, sooner or later think about how to try training together with steroids, because it is impossible not to notice the effect of them, which are neighbors on the simulator. That's why we try to offer such people specially designed courses that would allow them to obtain a good visual effect of training in the shortest possible time without the risk of side effects. One of these courses is a combination of drugs Primobolan and Oxandrolone, which have a soft but at the same time, effective action in the body and do not require additional drugs in sports pharmacology.

advantages of such a soft steroid drugs like Primobolan and Oxandrolone are that they never cause side effects, and all because their active ingredients are not aromatizers in the body and do not affect the natural production of Testosterone. Moreover, such drugs are even sometimes advised to use women, although it is recognized that the dosage for women's training is substantially less than that of men.

the Total duration of a training course with the use of drugs Primobolan and Oxandrolone is 8 weeks, and this period is sufficient in order for the drugs to fully disclose their potential. The main thing to remember using such drugs is that training should be given one hundred percent and don't skip them, because the only way to achieve predictable results.

the effects of drugs Primobolan and Oxandrolone

this course Oxandrolone is responsible for muscle gain and Primobolan allows you to burn body fat, make muscle mass recruited in the course of more relief and to increase strength of a man to exercise was easier, and the productivity of such training has increased significantly.

This combination of drugs is not a novelty in the field of sports pharmacology and such courses often advise their wards to private coaches, when it comes to the first year of training with the use of steroids, so its efficiency you can find numerous reviews on the Internet.

For this course you will need: Primobol (Balcan) - 48 amp. the
Oxandrolone (Balcan) - 4 Pach (400 tab)
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