Sermorelin 2 mg (sermorelin 2 mg)

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Description The description of the drug Sermorelin 2 mg

Sermorelin 2 mg (2 mg Sermorelin) produced by PEPTIDE SCIENCES (USA) is a peptide stimulator of the production of growth hormone. Used in the sport safe for improving the physical characteristics and muscle growth.

Features and useful qualities of the drug Sermorelin (Sermorelin) in bodybuilding

Sermorelin (Sermorelin) is a synthetic analogue of growth hormone. Has anabolic action helps to increase a weight category, physical strength and power training.

Enriched with 29 kinds of amino acids in the composition even when used in large doses does not cause caiques any adverse reactions and is not responsible for potential harm.

Prized by athletes for its following effects:

The metabolic activation. Accelerated recovery and regeneration of muscle fibers. Elimination of subcutaneous fat. Strengthening bone and reducing the risk of traumatic injuries during strength training.

the Drug has a positive effect on the status and functioning of the cardiovascular, immune systems.

How to take Sermorelin peptide

the Drug is available in powder form for the preparation of injection solutions. Injected subcutaneous or intramuscularly by in dosage from 100 to 200 µg, 1 to 3 times during the day. Increase synergies allows the combination of this peptide with GHRP.

Use the product is recommended for 2 months. This is followed by a break lasting a few weeks and if you want to repeat the course. The tool has no contraindications and is well tolerated, however, if you have problems with hormonal background before using it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist endocrinologist.

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