Bacterios 10ml ( HGH )

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Description The description of the drug Bacterios 10ml

Bacterios 10ml (10 ml Bacteria) is an effective solvent designed for the cultivation of peptides and growth hormones. Characterized by its versatility, ease of use and lack of influence on the core properties of the drug.

Features of the solvent Bacterios (Bacterias)

the Tool Bacterios 10ml is widely used in the sports field as a solvent. The use of the drug allows you to save the peptides-based products growth hormones throughout the month in a diluted state.

it is particularly important that the composition not cause any possible adverse reactions, no effect on the quality of fixed assets, has no clinical contraindications.

athletes testify that he was perfectly dissolves and preserves the function of peptides and hormonal agents.

the Advantages of solvent Bacteries

the major benefits include:

high performance indicators; hypoallergenic; the lack of side effects; a long time exposure; affordable price.

These qualities are confirmed by the experts and the players themselves, who tested the tool on my personal practice.

Recommendations for the use of the drug Bacterios (Bacterias) in bodybuilding

To achieve the most positive results when using Bacterios 10ml athletes should pay attention to the following advice:

When breeding to avoid getting a large amount of solvent to the drug. Breed composition directly in vial, intended for the preparation of injection solutions by introducing the solvent at the wall. To avoid the strong shaking of the final solution. Store reconstituted drug in a cool, shaded place, eliminating its contact with exposure to direct UV radiation. Do not mix water bottle several different types of peptides.

Optimal dosage funds established individually. In the instructions for certain drugs, indicate the correct amount of solvent, which varies from 2 ml to 2.5 ml. For drug administration is best suited to thin insulin syringes.

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