AICAR 50 mg (aikar 50 mg)

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Description The description of the drug AICAR 50 mg

AICAR 50 mg (50 mg Aykar), manufactured by the company PEPTIDE SCIENCES (USA) is a unique peptide that promotes increased physical stamina and performance without increasing the duration of training. An excellent choice for athletes interested in safe and fast achieve brilliant results.

Description and beneficial properties of the peptide AICAR (Aykar)

AICAR (Aykar) is an innovative formula that improve the physical characteristics and intense burning.

the product provides:

Normalization of glucose uptake. Activation of lipolysis and fat breakdown. The reduction of insulin in the blood. Increase disability and physical endurance exactly 50% through the transformation of subcutaneous fat into the energy potential. The increased muscle tone. The growth of high-quality dry muscle mass. The metabolic activation and metabolism. Withdrawal signs of muscle fatigue, overexertion, delayed onset muscle soreness, painful sensations.

Produced in the form of powder for preparation of injection solution, making it easy to digest and begins to act quickly.

How to apply correctly AICAR (Aykar) in bodybuilding

the usual Means of injectable intramuscular or subcutaneous way. The daily dosage is from 5 to 2 mg depending on the volume of muscle mass, weight class and individual characteristics of the person.

If the athlete trains regularly, the optimal dosage of the peptide is reduced to 10-20 mg. Injections can be daily or 2-3 times during the week. The course duration is 1 month.

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