Gonadotropin 1/5000 IU ( Human chorionic gonadotropin )

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Description of the drug Gonadotropin 1/5000 IU

Gonadotropin 5000 IU (Gonadotropin 5000MO) — a product developed on the basis of the HCG hormone. Used in sports to improve physical characteristics, as well as increased production of its own Testosterone during the course of anabolic steroids or after its completion.

the Properties and benefits of the drug Gonadotropin 5000 IU(Gonadotropin 5000MO)

This drug perfectly evens out the hormonal background at courses of steroids. Independently, the tool is not applied due to its low activity. Used during post-cycle therapy, and weight loss.

Allows you to quickly normalize the size of the testicles, increase sexual desire, improve potency, to get rid of subcutaneous fat, to eliminate the side effects typical of anabolic steroids.

Especially appreciated by professionals and athletes for their pronounced FSH and LH properties. Stabilize spermatogenesis and struggling with testicular atrophy.

How to apply correctly Gonadotropin 5000 IU in bodybuilding

it is Strongly recommended not to use Gonadotropin 5000 IU to recruitment of muscle mass. The anabolic action of the drug is possible only when used in doses amounting from 4000 IU during the week, and this dose disrupts the natural hormonal.

is Used as an aid to muscle growth or weight loss in limited quantities. The maximum allowable dosage ranges from 1000 to 2500 IU per week. The injections are intramuscular, 1 time a week.

courses In combined Gonadotropin 5000 MO connect for 2-3 weeks and injected with 250-500 IU 2 times during the week. Injections no longer do after removing steroids from the body and immediately begin post-cycle therapy.

About side effects Gonadotropin 5000MO

athletes indicate that in the correct doses and in the absence of contraindications, the tool is very good.

In case of overdose may experience the following adverse reactions:

allergies; headaches; depression; emotional instability; swelling; gynecomastia; the decline in the quantity and quality of semen.

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