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Tiros 50 tabs/50 mcg ( Liothyronine )

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Description Attention! You can also buy a whole pack of the drug, as well as Cytomel from Hubei Huangshi Nanshang

Description of the drug Tiros 50 tabs 50 mcg

Details for those wishing to buy Tiros (Cytomel)

the fat Burner from Moldovan manufacturer Pharmacom Labs under the name Tiros is composed of a similar more famous for the drug Cytomel (Cytomel) substance - triiodothyronine (T-3), which is a natural thyroid hormone. It induces the burning of body fat and, as a consequence, increase the prominence of the muscles, which is especially beneficial to the athlete at the stage of preparation for competitions. Buy Tiros recommended by many private trainers to their clients who have already passed massonary course and want to define their muscle mass, to get the expected appearance.

According to the feedback received from athletes who already bought Tiros and try it on your own experience, Cytomel (Cytomel) perfectly copes with its tasks and the resulting effect fully meets all expectations.

the use of the drug Tiros (Cytomel) for sports

Everyone who decided to buy fat burners, it is understood that Cytomel (Tiros) has a pretty potent hormonal effect, so use it at your discretion is not recommended, a compilation of dosages should engage a specialist who specializiruetsya courses sports pharmacology. This person must correctly determine the right dosage depending on your physical indicators and planned results, as well as to ensure that this course was effective and safe.

Experienced athletes are rarely recommended to buy Tiros with the drug Clenbuterol, which can increase the effectiveness of both and to facilitate the process result.

Exceed the dosage Tiros (Cytomel) is extremely not recommended as overdose can cause side effects such as: sweating, weakness, tremor and palpitations. All these side effects are not dangerous and quickly pass upon completion of the course, but in any case they will deliver a nice little athlete.

Begin to take Tiros (Cytomel) with a minimum dosage of 25 micrograms, and then in a few days, double the dosage to 50 mcg, then after a few more days to 75 mcg and then 100 mcg, what is the maximum dosage of this drug. However, if Tiros is taken by the woman, in her case the maximum dosage is 50 mcg. Finish the course with this drug need to as smoothly as it began, gradually reducing the dosage to a minimal level.


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