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TB-500 2 mg (tab-500 2mg)

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Description The description of the drug TB-500 2 mg

TB-500 2 mg (TB-500 2mg) produced by PEPTIDE SCIENCES (USA) is a synthetic analog of the peptide, which is synthesized by the human body in limited quantities. Has a strong regenerative, restorative and wound healing properties.

the results of applying the peptide TB-500 (TB-500) in bodybuilding

particularly popular drug TB 500 2mg deserve in sport as a tool for accelerated healing of injuries and reducing rehabilitation period. In addition, the peptide is great for recovering ligaments, muscle fibers, cardiac muscle.

it Has powerful anti-inflammatory action, makes the joint and ligaments more flexible and improves flexibility, reducing the risk of injury when performing strength exercises. Increases insulin sensitivity, providing an anabolic effect, has a beneficial effect on the state and functioning of the Central nervous system.

Appreciated by the users for achieving the following benefits:

The increase in strength, physical power, health. Antispastic effect. Accelerated muscle growth. The increased muscle tone.

Great for training for competitions since not detected in the doping control.

features of the use of the peptide drug TB-500

the Drug is available in powder form for injection. Injections are placed subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The maximum allowable daily dose is 2 mg, but the exact dosage is determined by a specialist taking into account weight, age, individual characteristics of each person.

In the preventive purposes will only have to enter 2-4 mg of the drug, making the injections 1-2 times per month. During intense workouts, the introduction of 2-6 mg of peptide 2-3 times during the week.

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