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Tamoximed 15 tabs/20 mg ( Tamoxifene Citrate )

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Tamoximed (Tamoximed) production company Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an effective inhibitor, preventing the transformation of Testosterone hormone into estrogen. Used by athletes to stabilize hormonal levels and eliminate side effects that arise after a course of anabolic steroids.

the Principle of action and effects of steroid Tamoximed (Tamoximed)

This drug is known for its androgenic properties.

Tamoximed Also guarantees the achievement of the following positive results:

Increase strength, physical strength and endurance. Elimination of subcutaneous fat. Promotes the growth of muscle mass. Stabilization of parameters of estrogen in the blood. The restoration of liver functions. Prevention of feminization (the formation of female sexual characteristics). Preventing the development of cardiovascular pathologies.

the effectiveness of the drug for post-cycle therapy due to its ability to block estrogen receptors.

How to apply correctly the drug Tamoximed in bodybuilding

the Drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) can be used both solo and in a combination of courses in conjunction with other aromatase inhibitors. In the first case, the medication beginning to take another 2 week course of steroids in doses amounting from 10 to 20 mg during the day. The drug is recommended in the morning.

In combination with proviron means connect during the last week of the course and attended for the past 2 weeks since its completion.

About the side effects of the drug Tamoximed

the Numerous reviews of professionals and the athletes themselves show that in the correct dosages Tamoximed (Tamoximed) well tolerated.

In the case of possible overdose symptoms: the following adverse reactions:

constipation; permanent lack of appetite; chronic fatigue syndrome; violation of visual function; dizzy spells; nausea and vomiting; headaches; allergic type of hives; fever.

to Prevent these unpleasant consequences will help pre-consultation and strict adherence to recommended dosages.

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