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Anapolon 100 tabs/50 mg ( Oxymetholone )

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Description Attention! The drug Anapolon 100 tabs 50 mg (Anapolon 50 mg) from the manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals are now available in a new package.

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Description of the drug Anapolon 100 tabs 50 mg

to Buy Anapolon (Anapolon) in USA – drugs from the manufacturers Balkan Pharmaceuticals

the Drug Anapolon tabs is one of the most potent oral steroids. The stimulator is characterized by the noticeable androgenic effect in parallel with anabolic. Thanks to the innovative composition of the drug Anapolon should take those sportsmen who want in a short period of time to achieve impressive results on increasing strength and muscle growth. Just 2 weeks the bodybuilder can increase your muscle mass up to 7 kg. This is due to the ability of the drug to accumulate fluid in the tissues that provides the muscles the rapid growth – they seem to inflate in front of and gain an impressive view. Because of this property, buy Anapolon (Anapolon) and take its course anyone can acquire in short time a large muscle mass. Due to the specifics of its composition the drug Anapolon and its analogs have a beneficial effect on the connective tissue of the body – the joints and tendons are saturated with moisture, become more flexible, preventing injury and the development of pathologies of the locomotor apparatus. In addition, the stimulator provides a significant increase in strength that allows you to increase the duration of exercise and workload, achieving great results. Contraindications to the drug Anapolon are significant and the side effects is a rarity, which makes this tool is safe and popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

Where to buy drug Anapolon (Anapolon)

Order Anapolon (Anapolon) and get your order in the shortest possible time in our online store. Our catalog presents only original products from leading pharmaceutical companies – we cooperate with manufacturers directly, always so confident in the quality of goods. The price of The drug Anapolon (Anapolon), though is not low, but in the Ukrainian market our company SteroidsShop is a leader in the sales of anabolic. We operate with minimal margin without intermediaries, so our clients always receive high quality products at reasonable prices. If you offer steroid drugs at a cost that is much lower than in our online shop, you should think about the rationality of the acquisition of such a product is likely either fake or the product end-of-life implementation. Original Anapolon stimulates the increase of concentration of red blood cells in the bloodstream, which provides an enhanced supply of muscle tissue with oxygen. The result of this impact is the increased endurance and strength. After a few applications of the stimulant athlete feels its effect on the exercise easier to perform the approaches, their number can be freely extended, as the duration of the workout.

the drug Anapolon (Anapolon) and its compatibility with other stimulants

Development of a program receiving funds Anapolon is the task of personal trainer with high level of qualification. Optimal daily dosage is 50 to 100 milligrams, or 1 to 2 tablets. The maximum daily dose of the drug Anapolon course for professionals allowed in the amount of 150 mg, or 3 tablets. Make the anabolic recommended during meals.

If the dosage is 2 tablets a day, the drug is better to exercise in the morning and the evening. The duration of the course anapolon should not exceed 6-9 weeks in order to avoid negative reactions to excessive concentration of the active components of the stimulator.

the formation of a system for the athlete it is necessary to consider the level of physical fitness, weight and General health. It may be necessary to consult with your doctor.

the Drug Anapolon (Anapolon) has good compatibility with other injectable steroids. One of the most popular combinations is the tandem of the anabolic drug Sustanon in combination with testosterone is able to prevent sagging muscles at the end of the course.

the Combination of parabolan, sustanon and anapolon allows the athlete to significantly increase the strength and speed of muscle building. If you combine Anapolon with Nandrolone decanoate, then you can easily get solid muscles.

the use of the drug Anapolon (Anapolon) is recommended to athletes who suffer from dry connective tissue – due to its ability to trap moisture in the body the tendons and joints get the right kind of food, which improves their elasticity.

Contraindications to taking the drug Anapolon (Anapolon)

Bodybuilders professionals leave positive recommendations on the efficacy and safety of stimulant Anapolon. The effect of the drug was not once tested in practice. However, beginners should start with a less powerful anabolics – this tool has a strong action and is designed for experienced athletes.

If Anapolon is taken by the athletes of older age category, then we can expect the development of prostatitis and negative effects on the liver, forcing you to stop taking steroid means. Women Anapolon is also contraindicated – it can cause acne and masculinization, which manifests itself in a lowering of voice tone, loss of scalp hair and increased growth on other parts of the body, and also observed a negative effect on libido.

in fairness I should say that the acceptance of this reality by women in the period of preparation for the competition allowed us to achieve significant results and medals.

Caution while taking the drug Anapolon (Anapolon)

the steroids Anapolon requires constant monitoring of the condition of the liver. At the end of the reception of reality is needed post-cycle therapy, which includes drugs Liv-52 and Capsil and other funds on the basis of milk Thistle.

despite the fact that the stimulator causes a decrease in the concentration of iron in the body, this indicator should be monitored with a blood test – so it is possible to prevent the development of anemia.

among the negative effects caused by the intake of anapolon, is a rise in blood sugar levels and cholesterol, which requires tracking the state of the vessels and the heart. If the rate of the drug Anapolon takes place in the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, the acceptance of this product should be supervised by physicians.

From the use of Anapolon must be abandoned in the presence of such symptoms:

the yellowness of the skin; disorders of the digestive tract; nauseam and vomiting; a sharp increase or decrease in libido.

If you calculate the dosage and to develop a scheme of admission anapolon correctly, that side effects are minimized and athletes reach appreciable heights.

Reviews of anapolon bodybuilders

About half a century ago developed the drug Anapolon has not lost its popularity among bodybuilders due to three main conditions – high quality, efficiency and safety. A large part of the positive feedback refers to anabolic activity, which is more than three times exceeds its counterpart – Testosterone.

Modern distribution and popularity anapolon was possible thanks to Daniel "Dan" Duchaine the bodybuilder from Canada. Daniel's commitment to effective and powerful steroids allowed him to thoroughly explore all new drugs, specifying their methodology impact on their own experience and creating anabolic extensive advertising campaign.


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