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Turinazol (Turinabol) is a steroid drug from the company Sopharma. Bodybuilders take it for a set of lean muscle mass. This drug can be compared to methandrostenolone. They have a similar effect on the body. The anabolic profile of this medication is 180%, and androgen only 50%. Since the conversion to estrogen is almost missing the recruited muscle mass will firm and elastic. A set of muscle mass is not immediate (4 to 6 pounds for the entire course), but the sustainable effect of the rollback is virtually nonexistent. During the course Turinazol significantly increased strength, and the body becomes much more resilient. Another effect of the drug is to increase the level of free Testosterone, which in turn has a positive effect on male libido. And, unlike many other steroids, has moderate impact on the axis-the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. One interesting plus is that Turinazol strengthens blood vessels and reduces the risk of blood clots to a minimum! However, in the liver it acts negatively.


the duration of the course Turinazol is 4-8 weeks. The dosage is 20-40 milligrams a day. Is the normal dosage for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the steroids and wants to avoid side effects.
Experienced bodybuilders often neglect the dosages and take 100-150 milligrams per day, but it's too much. Before taking the drug consult with your doctor.

Side effects when using

Prolonged courses of the drug, and hypersensitivity to the drug may cause some side effects. These include: violation of the liver, premature erection, suppression of the production of its own Testosterone. With proper reception of the side effects are rare.

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Athletes who tried Turinazol was pleased with the result. Muscles are solid, decorated and sinewy.


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