Turinagen 100 tabs/10 mg ( Turinabol )

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Turinbol is a fairly popular anabolic steroid that was created in the ' 60s years. Its popularity is due to the high performance and relatively reasonable price. Great demand of this anabolic drug is popular among athletes because of its current elements allow to increase the results of endurance and strength.

Principles impact turinbol (Turinagen) on the body

For athletes, it is very important to not only gain weight but also raise many other parameters through which you can gain new achievements in a particular sport.

what impact Turinbol (Turinagen):

the duration of the health emergency without fatigue; raising the power performance; along with certain anabolic possible drying; control over the natural production of Testosterone; control over the desired amount of fluid in the body.

an Important advantage of this drug is the lack of conversion of Testosterone to estradiol.

Important!! Before you make an order Turinagen needed qualified advice of a sports physician to determine the individual reaction to the drug and adjust the dosage.

regular dosage steroid Turinbol

Turinbol (Turinagen) well accepted by the body the novice athlete. In this case, the dosage per day should not exceed 40mg. If the body is already familiar with anabolic steroids and there are certain achievements, the dose can be increased up to 150 mg per 24 hours. In any case, the dispensing is distributed evenly in several stages. Average duration of course is 7 weeks, but as with dosing, the duration of the drug is determined individually. It should also be noted that if the athlete used Turinbol less than 6 weeks, then you can do without post-cycle therapy.

Side effects and contraindications

At the correct determination of individual dose in 24 hours of the original Turinagen in the store will not bring any side effects. However, when uncontrolled drug intake (both in mg and hourly) can be observed:

small problems with the genitourinary system; unpleasant sensations in the liver area.

If this occurs, you should stop drinking the anabolic.

Contraindications it almost does not matter. The only serious reason for refusing to accept Turinagen is cirrhosis of the liver.

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