Turhoged 50 tabs/10 mg ( Turinabol )

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Description of the drug Turhoged 50 tabs 10 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Turinbol (1 blister 50 tablets)

Preformed drug Turhoged from the manufacturer Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals has a strong anabolic and androgenic activity, and all due to the fact that as active substances it consists of Turinbol.

today Turhoged (Turinbol) issued by the company Euro Prime Farmaceuticals from Moldova, and all because in 2016, the company Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals sold her franchise to manufacture drugs from its product line. Due to the change of the place of production have also changed the packaging to which manufactured this drug, so don't worry, because inside is still the same effective Turhoged (Turinbol) as before. The effectiveness of this drug, produced at the facilities of Euro Prime Farmaceuticals, today you can meet a lot of positive feedback.

the Benefits of using the drug Turhoged (Turinbol)

One of the main advantages, which suggest to buy Turinbol (Turhoged) is the fact that its chemical composition is adjusted so as not to cause side effects in the body of an athlete, that is so Turhoged (Turinbol) can be called a safe drug, and it is suitable for use in training, even women, but only when used in moderate doses.

Buy Turinbol (Turhoged) also necessary because it affects the increasing of power characteristics, promotes faster recovery after exercise, increases appetite, removes excess fluid from the body and affects the relief of the building up of the muscles due to the properties of the burning fat.

basically make Turhoged (Turinbol) is recommended with the dosage is 60 milligrams per day, and the duration of the course is about 2 months. Although before you buy Turinbol, it is better to apply for a preparation course to a personal trainer, as depending on the individual physical characteristics, it may be slightly different.

Many athletes recommend to buy Turinbol (Turhoged), as this drug is really worthy to recommend. In our store, buy Turinbol (Turhoged) can be anyone, and you can buy as a pack and single blister this drug, in order to be able to clearly count the number of tablets for a course of workouts that are prescribed by the coach.


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