Turanabol 25 tabs/10 mg ( Turinabol )

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Description Attention! Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals began producing the drug Turanabol (Turanabol 10 mg) in blister packs of 25 tablets.

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Description of the drug Turanabol 25 tabs 10 mg

Buy Turanabol 25 tabs 10 mg (Turanabol 10 mg) try all the professional athletes because this farm is a popular steroid drug that is a quick gain of muscle mass by reducing the liquid level and extra fat in the body. Buy Turanabol in Boston has a special shop sports pharmacology Steroidsshop and we guarantee the acquisition of high-quality drug that will most effectively impact on performance without the impact of side effects.

the Role and benefits of Turanabol in bodybuilding

the Main difference Turanabol is that it has a high anabolic activity, but with low androgenic due to the presence of the active substance Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. The active effect of this pharmaceutical in the body is maintained for 16 hours. Because of this, the intake required daily for men about 50 mg, and for women around 15 mg. If you take Turanabol for 7 weeks, men increase muscle mass by 6 kg. thus the obtained result is of high quality.

To obtain a greater effect in favor of muscle Turanabol combined with such drugs as Parabolan, Stanozolol, or Testosterone esters.

Turinbol penetrates through the bone into the nucleus where interacts with its receptors. The resulting complex interacts with DNA and determines RNA synthesis. This increases the growth of muscles and weight. If we talk about bone level, Turanabol effect on the deposition of Ca due to the increased protein metabolism. In this case, the reduction reaction of the bone to parathyroid hormone.

the Important advantages of pharmacy is the low level of aromatization, i.e. Turanabol liquid does not accumulate in the body and has virtually no effect on the production of natural Testosterone (the normalization of this process is recovering after 5 days).

Remember that despite all the benefits of the drug, dosage and course of administration of the steroid should trust the doctor or the coach. For maximum safety, for Your health, they will determine a prescribed physiological and physical condition of the body.

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Steroidsshop offers its customers proven products. For example, Turanabol from the world renowned company Balkan Pharmaceuticals is popular among professional bodybuilders USA. Our goal – Your prize-winning places at competitions of the “iron sport” without negative consequences for health. To obtain competent advice on the application, other possible course of treatment with steroids and order Turanabol You can on these phone numbers.


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