Oxandrolon 25 tabs/10 mg ( Oxandrolone )

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Description Attention! Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals began producing the drug is 10 mg Oxandrolon (Oxandrolone 10mg) in blister packs of 25 tablets.

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Description of the drug Oxandrolon 25 tabs 10 mg

Buy Oxandrolon 25 tabs 10 mg (10mg Oxandrolone) tend to all the participants of the “iron” sport, who want greatly and in a short time to increase the relief of your muscles. This is very important to compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, etc. So the effect of this pharmaceutical is caused by the high anabolic activity (400%) and low androgenic (25%). Buy Oxandrolon store Steroidsshop is to guarantee a safe and rapid achievement of the desired results.

the Role Oxandrolon 25 tabs 10 mg (10mg Oxandrolone) in bodybuilding

the Correct drug Oxandrolone begins with small doses, gradually increasing that to gain the desired proportions corresponding to the athlete's body. Part 1 tablets of this pharmaceutical is part of the main active ingredient Oxandrolone, crospovidone, lactose, magnesium stearate. Has moderate anabolic effects, but much weaker androgenic.

Ring And oxandrolone is a heterocycle due to the replacement of a carbon atom for oxygen. Also, this farm does not allow for flavoring, because it is not converted to estrogens. Having a half-life of about 10 hours, carries a minimal effect toxic reactions to the liver. The detection period oxandrolone reaches 2 months.

most Often prescribed Oxandrolone athletes who already have sufficient muscle mass to give it the necessary prominence and density. Plus it burns up extra fat. But scientists from the University of southern California, it was determined that the fat is not refunded even after the adoption of the course.

Szakadat Oxandrolon and take it solo should be for 8 weeks. The average dosage is 20 mg and should be divided into two doses (morning and evening). A week later you can increase the dosage to 40mg, and later to 80my. In the latter case, divided use 3 pieces per day. To restore natural Testosterone production should have 2 days after oxandrolone start taking Tamoxifen.

to minimize the risk of any side effects only buying sports farm have checked the distributor, and strictly following the prescribed doses and modes of reception by a doctor or trainer.

Buy Oxandrolon 25 tabs 10 mg (10mg Oxandrolone) in Boston via the Internet store Steroidsshop

To maximize the effectiveness of oxandrolone the athlete must comply with individually chosen diet, which is high concentration of protein and minimal carbohydrates.

Steroidsshop offers its customers only with verified farm that is not only effective but also safe for health. Oxandrolone released by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova), meets all necessary quality standards.


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