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Oxandrolone is an anabolic drug to increase strength in muscle tissues, excluding the increase of their mass. This preparation is ideal for those who want to achieve strength performance without muscle gain.

the principles of the effects of oxandrolone (Oxanazol) on the body

Original Oxanazol store STEROIDSshop from the manufacturer Sopharma is no added flavors, without the properties of transformation into estrogens and, importantly, does not affect the natural production of testosterone in the body.

What are the functions owns Oxandrolone (Oxanazol):

when drying this drug allows you to maintain the relief of the body and not to increase its mass; using for medical purposes, Oxanazol promotes restoration of the skin (e.g. after injuries); due to the lack of the ability to increase mass, and this is very important for anyone in the competition wants to enter into a certain weight category, when interacting with Oxandrolone stanozolol will raise strength; assists in the interval between the visits of the main anabolic steroids, the body has a rest from them, and the body does not lose the relief; novice athletes, the body is not accustomed to anabolic drugs will help to smoothly get up to speed and even with the minimum dosage to increase muscle strength.

Popular Oxandrolone in bodybuilding for women and perfect kulturistka.

How should I take Oxandrolone (Oxanazol)

Much better would be to take this drug in equal parts through a distinct amount of time. For example, three times a day it turns out the reception every 8 hours, which coincides with the half-life Oxanazol (8-10 hours). In this case there is a uniform maintenance of drug in the body, whereby it is possible to avoid hormonal fluctuations.

for men the optimal dose oxandrolone is 60-100mg (per day); for women and children the dosage does not exceed 50 mg (per day).

to Increase the dosage from 100 mg per day makes no sense, because the effect will not increase.

Important!! Before taking any pharmacological agents should be required to consult with a qualified physician.

Oxandrolone analogues: Stanozolol, Methandienone.

Contraindications, and side effects of

despite the fact that the Oxandrolone is one of the most harmless of all the series concerned, it has its side effects that can be achieved in extreme cases of critical changes (increases) the dosage and nenormirovannym reception. Namely, more often than necessary.

Side effects Oxanazol can be:

pain in the head; nauseam; diarrhea; reduction of erektsii; pain in the intestines.

do Not take the drug for those who have individual intolerance to components of this pharmacological drug Oxandrolone, the presence of coronary heart disease, in the presence of various forms of prostatitis. Like most drugs ordering Oxanazo best to defer for the period of carrying a child or breast-feeding.

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