Metamizol 100 tabs/10 mg ( Methandienone )

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Methandienone is a pharmacological drug that belongs to the class of anabolic steroids. Its use is common among beginners and have already reached the heights of athletes. Opened was still in 1956 year American John Sigaram.

the Principles of action of the drug Methandienone (Metamizol)

very popular Methandienone is used in bodybuilding because it helps to increase strength and mass.

the Ordering Metamizol produced if necessary:

Muscle hypertrophy – increase in muscle mass (increase in the size of fabric fibers without increasing their length). To achieve better performance, one should use this drug in combination with other drugs. Strength growth – crash course increasing the force were necessary to the bodybuilders. Original Metamizol allows you to quickly increase your physical strength and capabilities of the athlete, which leads them to the desired achievements. The performance increase of the protein globulin and Original Metamizol (Methandienone) affects a cell, thereby stimulating the production protein. Elimination of pain in the joints – this happens because of fluid retention in the joint capsule. Also affect existing joint disease. Stimulation of glycogen restoration – any of the strength exercises contribute to the rapid disappearance of glycogen from the liver and muscles. Namely, this substance is important for energy. Normalization of appetite during severe exercise – due to activation of anabolic processes require the body content in carbohydrates, fats and protein. Preservation of muscle mass. How to take Methandienone (Metamizol) and the dose

On Metamizol reviews say that the use of this drug on the principle of “pyramids” (i.e., from smaller to larger doses) is ineffective, also this information is confirmed by experts.

That Methandienone should be divided into equal doses per day. Dosing can be from 10mg to 30mg. For safe administration of the drug Methandienone most suitable watch is from 6:00 to 9:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00. If an athlete wants to increase the amount of the drug (for example, up to 50 mg under normal tolerance) and distribute the dosage throughout the day, it should pass the inspection and obtain advice from a physician.

Important!! Taking any medication is always assigned after consultation with a qualified physician.

Contraindications, and side effects of

Even acquired the Original Metamizol in the store can lead to record consequences if taken without consulting a doctor or independently setting a dose in excess of portable internal organs of the body.

Possible side effects:

nauseam; vomiting; disorder; jaundice; the decrease in normal liver function; iron deficiency anemia; pain in the long tubular bones.


breast cancer; abnormal kidney and liver (the deficiency of these organs); prostate adenoma; breast cancer; nephrosis; acute congenital kidney disease.

due to the fact that the enslavement of the muscles (they practically cease to carry oxygen), Metamizol is not recommended to use the athletes for whom endurance and specific technique of movements.

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