Dianabolos 100 tabs/10 mg ( Methandienone )

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Description of the drug Dianabolos 100 tabs 10 mg

to Buy Dianabolos (Dianabolos) in USA – quality from leading manufacturers

the history of the development of the drug Dianabolos out in 1958-th year – that's when the product first appeared on shelves of specialty stores and pharmacies. Today, after half a century of performance test, bodybuilding and Dianabolos (Dianabolos) go hand in hand – the athletes appreciated stimulant properties. In modern stores, sports pharmacology drug Dianabolos should look to include other products, the main active ingredient in which is Methandrostenolone. The composition of the original drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) manufactured by PharmaCom Labs includes two types of steroids in the product refers to the high content of methandienone or methandrostenolone. During its existence the reality was many times tested by athletes-professionals and earned high praise due to its effectiveness. In USA drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) and its analogs are very popular. One of the advantages of this booster is to release in tablets, making the application as comfortable as possible. It is worth noting to avoid confusion that the drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) in Boston and throughout the USA can meet under a slightly different name, which includes "Methandienone". Order Dianabolos (Dianabolos) and make the product rate optimally in combination with other steroids injectable type that allows at times to increase the results from training.

the Advantages of drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos)

This stimulant is demanded not only because of the low cost – price of the drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) is on an accessible level, making it even more popular. The benefits of this anabolic does not end there:

Dianabolos effective and fully compatible with the bulk of a steroid means that are introduced through injections; in combination with anabolics Dianabolos has a synergistic effect, increasing the possible results from exercise; the drug can be used independently.

Our company SteroidsShop offers a wide range of sports pharmacology, including high-quality Dianabolos (Dianabolos), from leading manufacturers. We cooperate with pharmaceutical companies directly – this gives us confidence in the supply of original products of the best quality. we have you will never be able to buy a fake or a pacifier. Additionally, the absence of intermediaries allows us to do the minimum margin on products – our clients can buy steroids at the most affordable prices.

the Combination of the drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) with other steroids requires knowledge of the basic rule: the higher the level Testosterone, the less pronounced the effect of the stimulant. With the consumption of Testosterone in the course of sports pharmacology about 500 milligrams weekly anabolic Dianabolos will give the result, but if the hormone dose is approximately 2000 mg / kg, or a pronounced effect of the drug can be forgotten, and better and at all to refuse its acceptance, because it is meaningless.

the Drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos) characterized by good compatibility with the oral use of steroids, Oxandrolone vsluchae. Here you need to take into account the high toxicity levels of course of the liver tissue that requires the mandatory appointment of hepatoprotectors.

Side effects of the drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos)

the formation of the course of steroid drugs you need to take into account the risk of side effects from the steroids on the athlete's body. Dianabolos can provoke such side effects:

changing the lipid composition of the blood; the appearance of lesions on the skin; degradation of the hair; the increase in blood pressure; oppression of the natural synthesis of Testosterone.

together, taking steroids needs a personal trainer. If necessary, the athlete should undergo a General medical examination to identify pathologies and to avoid the risk of negative effects on the body.

the Specificity of the drug Dianabolos (Dianabolos)

the Optimal daily dosage of the stimulant is in the order of 50 milligrams is the quantity of the drug can be taken at once or in several stages. The increase in the dosage strengthening effect will not give, which eliminates a lot of anabolic. After the abolition of Dianabolos necessary post-cycle therapy and a break equal to the duration of the course or more that is 6 weeks.


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