Danabol DS 50 tabs/10 mg ( Methandienone )

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On the current page of our online store of steroids, we suggest you to buy the Danabol DS from Body Research is the manufacturer. The active substance of tablets of this steroid is Methandrostenolone, which means that during the use of Danabol DS on the training, you can achieve really amazing results in the building bulk of muscles in the shortest possible time.

the Result of the drug Danabol DS

the action of the drug lies in the fact that in comparison with testosterone Danabol DS has twice as high anabolic performance at half of lower androgenic properties. This gives you the opportunity to increase strength and endurance that will have a positive impact on productivity of training, and at the same time to build muscle without the risk of side effects. Also Danabol DS effect on increasing appetite and accelerates protein metabolism in the body.

Not less important property of the drug Danabol DS is that it has a positive effect on the ligaments and joints of the person, which is especially important for weightlifters and bodybuilders, who in the process of training when lifting a large weight, there is a probability of injury.

the course of the drug Danabol DS

Everyone who decided to buy Danabol DS to improve the efficiency of your workouts, you need to understand that the duration of a training course with this steroid is usually up to 2 months and as for effective dosages, it should be individualized with the involvement of a professional coach specializing in sports pharmacology. It depends on the current physical parameters of a person, as well as its weight. In particular, the minimum effective dosage of Danabol DS is 5 mg per day (used mainly by newcomers), and maximum of 50 mg per day.

it is Worth mentioning also that Danabol DS buy can recommend not only men but also women. The maximum dosage for women is 5 mg per day, and before applying consultation with a personal trainer should be a mandatory step.

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