Androver 25 tabs/50 mg ( Oxymetholone )

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Description of the drug Androver 25 tabs 50 mg

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In the catalog of our online store SteroidsShop a wide selection of products of sports pharmacology, including drug Androver (Androver) USA. The manufacturer of this stimulator is a leading company, oral steroid, which, Moldova. The drug Androver and its analogues can also occur in the specialized stores called Oxymetholone. In bodybuilding Oxymetholone is one of the most powerful stimulants steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect that exceeds the effect of Testosterone more than tripled. Another difference of the drug Androver, which you can buy in Boston and throughout USA at our online shop, the almost complete lack of aromatization – Testosterone is not transformered into estrogen, which minimizes the side effects of the product.

Order Androver (Androver) in the format of tablets – this product is available in packs of 100 tablets, each containing 50 milligrams of active ingredient. The main direction of action of the drug Androver, which reviews indicate the effectiveness of the product is accelerated growth of muscle tissue and, consequently, mass. Relatively with all steroid means in the format of tablets only drug Androver (Androver) is characterized by the most impressive results – at the end of the first course the bodybuilder could increase their muscle mass up to 15 kilograms.

effect of the drug Androver (Androver) on the body of the athlete

Along with the rapid recruitment of muscle mass bodybuilders sitting on the drug Androver (Androver) are getting such results from taking anabolic

the increase of force; the growth performance of stamina; the increase in the concentration of red blood cells; preventing the development of deformities and injuries of the connective tissue; the growth of appetite; in combination with other steroids drug Androver significantly enhances their effect.

One of the major drawbacks of a stimulant is fluid retention in body tissues, the amount of which is up to 30 percent of the acquired muscle mass. Upon completion of the course athletes must understand that will roll back accompanied by a partial loss of mass by removing excess moisture from the tissues. Even means post-cycle therapy is not able to abolish this effect.

the Specificity of the drug Androver (Androver): dosage and consistency

the Drug Androver (Androver) to achieve visible results should be taken with the course. As with any anabolic. The duration of one time should not exceed 8 weeks. In most cases, in combination with Androver athletes use in the course of steroids and other drugs, which can be represented stanozolol (winstrol) and its analogues, which allows to eliminate the accumulation of fluid in the muscle tissues and to minimize the rollback of the mass loss after the abolition of the means. The daily dosage recommended by experts in the field of sports pharmacology is from 100 to 150 milligrams with reference to the weight of the athlete. Excess optimal dosage is contraindicated in order to avoid of side effects of the stimulant in an aggressive manner.

Side effects while taking the drug Androver (Androver)

Since the drug Androver (Androver) is not associated with aromatization, the impact on the body does not cause gynecomastia. It should be noted that the maximum doses of stimulant can increase the risk of disease. Some bodybuilders talk about nauseam, increased blood pressure, dizziness as a possible side effects when taking the drug. You also need to consider the inhibition of natural Testosterone production, which is caused by anabolic. To neutralize this effect it is required to pass post-cycle therapy to stabilize hormone levels.

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