Androver 100 tabs/50 mg ( Oxymetholone )

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Description of the drug Androver 100 tabs 50 mg

to Buy Androver (Androver) – a drug for rapid recruitment of muscle mass

Almost perfect in the opinion of many professional athletes, oral anabolic steroid called Androver (Androver) created by a Moldovan company, oral steroid, which was developed primarily for treating disorders of protein synthesis. Now it is used largely in medicine, and in sports, and in particular its effectiveness in the field of bodybuilding recognized bodybuilders in USA and worldwide. Androver (Androver) has a very high anabolic effect and is recognized as one of the best tablets for maximum rapid increase in dry muscle mass, which is particularly highly regarded in the sports field.

the release Form of the drug Androver (Androver) of the company, oral steroid, which – tablets of 50 mg. The Active substance of the drug is Oxymetholone, which were created once for the treatment of osteoporosis, anemia, muscle growth in a weakened and depleted patients. Today to buy Androver (Androver) in Boston and in any other area of our country, I prefer it in the sports field.

For what is valued Androver (Androver)?

Among oral drugs in sports pharmacology analogs Androver, that is analogues of drugs with active ingredient Oxymetholone, virtually none, since the effectiveness of the training, which he allows to reach really worth it. With the help of the drug Androver (Androver) it is possible to achieve such benefits as:

increase muscle mass up to 3 kg in a week; a noticeable increase in power performance; a positive effect on the joints, reducing discomfort in weightlifting, mobility is improved; food is digested faster, accelerating protein synthesis; it is easier to cope with fatigue; helps burn fat, turning it into energy; improves cellular respiration and circulation; markedly increased appetite. What you need to know, taking Androver (Androver)

Everyone who decided to buy Androver (Androver) you need to understand that even the phenomenon of recoil after completing the course Androver not afraid of the athletes: considering that a month cycle of this AAC can gain 10 kg or more, and the rollback only 30%, the bulk and also strength, saved that should please those athletes that are important to this indicator.

Sports doctors do not recommend taking the steroid Androver (Androver) bodybuilders under the age of 21 and beginners because Androver is a drug recommended primarily for experienced weightlifters and powerlifters. Some athletes think it is too toxic to the liver, but competently written scheme and a proper PCT to minimize the effects almost completely. Of course, high dosages of oxymetholone will have a negative impact on the liver.

the Recommended dosage of the drug Androver (Androver)

Private coaches are encouraged to take Androver (Androver) from 50 mg daily during the month. It is this dosage often necessary to achieve the expected result. More precise dosage and duration of use of the drug, thus depend on the experience of the bodybuilder and his individual physical characteristics. For those who decided to buy Androver (Androver), oral steroid, which from the first is wise to start step technique – starting with minimal doses, tracking of therapeutic response. However, note that the maximum possible dosage of the drug Androver (Androver) is 200 mg daily is allowed only for athletes who are round AAC is not the first time, that is for advanced athletes with many years training.

In the course of training with the drug Androver (Androver) you can combine it also with injections of steroids for achieving increased efficiency in a particular key and don't forget to drink a course of anti-estrogens for PCT. Additionally it strengthens the joints, and is highly valued by powerlifters.

Also those who choose to buy Androver (Androver) in USA we must not forget that women Androver is contraindicated.

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Reviews of drug Androver bodybuilders

the Solution Androvera was developed to treat anemia, osteoporosis, and accelerate the growth of muscle tissue in patients after surgery. Positive reviews from bodybuilders are power of the drug, which further increased by changing forms solution for injection oil.

Athletes trust Androver, believing it to be reliable and safe. The company supports Schroeder this trust and popularity, which conducted additional studies of the drug in 2003. Through the analysis received from the volunteers of information as well as impartiality and accuracy of the result due to selection of volunteers from different walks of life and Hobbies, has found the relevance of its use for sporting achievements.


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