Androlic 50 tabs/50 mg ( Oxymetholone )

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Description of the drug Androlic 50 tabs 50 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Androlic in USA

we Offer drug Androlic manufacturer British Dispensary, which as the active substance in its composition has Oxymetholone. Drugs with the active ingredient are highly valued in the world of professional sports, as well as not less valuable for athletes and enthusiasts who want to maintain their body in good condition.

Using Androlic training possible in a short time to build quality muscle mass. This happens due to the fact that Androlic and its active ingredient Oxymetholone in particular has a quite high androgenic and anabolic activity. So in comparison with testosterone, on anabolic activity Androlic surpasses it by 320 percent.

the use of the drug Androlic sport

According to the feedback received from those athletes who have already managed to buy Androlic and try it on your own experience, just one course of training with a duration of 5-8 weeks, with it ramping up to 15 pounds of muscle mass. Unfortunately, without the effect of recoil in this case is not complete and about 30% of the recruited muscles, after the completion of the course, comes to naught, but in properly selected diet such loss can be minimized.

to Train with this tool easy, because in addition to influence on muscle growth Androlic also leads to increased strength and stamina. Athletes who take Androlic on the course, thus, can use higher loads and train longer than usual, making a greater number of sets per exercise.

Preparation the dosage of the drug Androlic

If you decide to buy Androlic, you must understand that the dosage of this steroid is individual and may vary depending on physical characteristics and training experience of a particular athlete. In any case, exceed a dosage of 100 milligrams a day is not recommended, because such a course may lead to the appearance of side effects. Also professionals do not recommend exceed the maximum duration of the course in 8 weeks, otherwise the side effects become more likely.

anyway, before you buy Androlic and start to take training, you should consult a professional coach that he made the necessary course, which will be effective and at the same time safe for health, that exercise brought the body only use.


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