Androlic 1 tabs/50 mg ( Oxymetholone )

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Description of the drug Androlic 1 tabs 50 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Androlic (Androlic)

Androlic the Drug is manufactured by British Dispensary is a high – performance tablet steroid, which is used by many modern athletes for workouts in the gym to improve their efficiency in the direction of building muscle at an accelerated pace. The active ingredient of this drug is Oxymetholone, and accordingly, as with other drugs with the same active substance, the power of his work is quite high. Such a powerful action takes place in the body of the athlete due to the fact that Androlic (Androlic) has high anabolic and androgenic performance. So the anabolic drug Androlic index (Androlic) is around 320% of the Testosterone.

Preparations with the active substance and Androlic Oxymetholone (Androlic) in particular, is ideal for both novice and experienced athletes with only one difference, that the dosage for the first and the second is individual and differs significantly. Androlic (Androlic) is an excellent choice for professional sports and for people who train for personal reasons, so their body always looked amazing.

Drug Androlic (Androlic) and its sports application

as for experienced athletes who have already had the opportunity to buy Androlic, then they can build up to 15 pounds of muscle in one separate course of taking this steroid. The duration of The course is 6-8 weeks. The negative side in this case is the fact that the phenomenon of recoil of this steroid is quite pronounced and takes away about 30 percent of the recruited muscles.

this Androlic (Androlic) is not rarely combined with other steroids, most of which are found Sustanon and Parabolan. With their help, the training efficiency can be further improved. Ask your personal trainer or contact our managers by phone as combined courses of steroids are always assigned only individually.

very important is also the fact that Androlic (Androlic) the course leads to an increase of physical indicators of the strength and endurance. It is also the most direct impact on the effectiveness of training. Athletes become available not previously available scales, and the number of approaches within one session also increases.


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