Anavarged 100 tabs/10 mg ( Oxandrolone )

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Description of the drug Anavarged 100 tabs 10 mg

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to increase muscle definition and get a nicely outlined muscles, bodybuilders and other athletes use special drug anavarged (Anavarged). This stimulant is a drug with the main current asset Oxandrolone – it is characterized by a weak androgenic effect, but it is a strong anabolic with activity rates of over 400 percent in comparison with testosterone. This criterion is impressive, which is confirmed in practice by the use of the drug and its analogues Anavarged a large number of athletes. Buy Anavarged (anavarged) and make his course is recommended for bodybuilders and athletes who want to significantly increase strength without additional weight.

Initially, the stimulator anavarged in tablets was developed as a derivative of testosterone and has been used in medical practice for the provision of support to HIV patients. After a series of experiments and tests it was found that the drug Anavarged want to take it as a steroid to improve the efficiency of training – anabolic effect allows athletes to significantly improve performance. Today, the regimen anavarged actively used by athletes, have large weights: bodybuilders, the powerlifters and other representatives of weightlifting. Stimulator produced in oral form – Anavarged is one of the most effective and reliable steroid drugs.

effect of the drug anavarged (Anavarged) on the body of the athlete

If a bodybuilder is planning to order Anavarged to build lean muscle mass, the waste of resources would be pointless. The price of the drug anavarged quite high, but its purpose is altogether different. Drug Anavarged (anavarged) is recommended for those athletes who want to get these results from taking anabolic steroids:

burning excess fat by means of transformation of lipids into energy source; a significant increase in the intensity of training and the increase of their duration; stimulation of the synthesis of growth hormone; the increase in power performance; pronounced relief and excretion from the tissues of excess fluid.

the Course of treatment and dosage of the drug anavarged (Anavarged)

the Effect achieved by means of Anavarged, especially important for sportsmen immediately before competitions. One of the biggest advantages of this stimulator is a wide range of approvals, which is rare: anavarged allowed to use both genders because of the low factor of androgenetic. Most steroid products provoke the development of side effects on the body due to hormonal changes, which is especially evident when taking anabolic steroids women. The initial dosage of the drug Anavarged (anavarged) is 20 milligrams is the recommended norm, exceed that beginners are prohibited during the first week of the course. The average duration of drug intake anavarged (Anavarged) is about 1.5-2 months, and the maximum daily dose is equal to 80 milligrams is the quantity of stimulant divided into several doses (about 3 times a day). Experts in the field of sports pharmacology suggest when calculating dosages to focus on the weight of the athlete is recommended to reduce the daily dosage to 60 or even 40 milligrams.

Compatibility stimulator anavarged (Anavarged) drugs post-cycle therapy

Due to the fact that Anavarged is a steroid drug that impact does not hormonal balance of the body of an athlete, the best solution would be receiving tamoxifen in the framework of post-cycle therapy – this will restore the natural production of hormones and balance their concentration. br>

From taking the drug Anavarged (anavarged) should be abandoned in the presence of such health problems:

the development of liver failure;
inflammation of the prostate gland, or prostatitis.

the Best option purpose of the course Anavarged is to consult a doctor and conduct a General diagnosis with the identification of existing or potential pathologies in the athlete, and preparation of the program of taking steroids by a competent personal trainer.

the Drug anavarged (Anavarged) well compatible with injectable anabolics, characterized by a pronounced androgenic effect. Subject to the reception system side effects are rare – this is one of the advantages of this steroid product. In some cases, the reception Anavarged may be accompanied by nausea, changes in blood pressure and pain in the stomach and intestines.

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