Testoged-C 10 ml/200 mg ( Testosterone Сypionate )

Description Attention! Now Testoged 10 ml 200 mg (Testosterone Cypionate) available in a new package.

Description of the drug Testoged 10 ml 200 mg

Steroid exposure - Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate) can buy from us

Another reality is from the Chinese, based on a derived Testosterone - Testoged-C. Company Golden Dragon manufactures this drug, based on a long ester Testosterone Cypionate, is not the first, but on the pharmaceutical market of our country, he gained fame relatively recently. The tool is absolutely not suitable for beginners, as the AAC solo cycle with this drug will be long and to properly to go, you need a complete regimen that combines at least two of the steroid.

Weightlifters often use Testosterone Cypionate (Testoged-C) on their own, gaining it's weight and strength, and weight lifters usually include the drug in some multi-purpose complex course.

the Frequency of drug Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate)

About long ester Testosterone Cypionate should be discussed an important point: the time to make it to two weeks. This causes misconceptions bodybuilders: they believe that Testosterone Cypionate is a need to inject once a week. Theoretically this is true, but in practice many do not consider that the fewer injections, the greater the likelihood of decreases in hormonal levels. Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate) will be in the blood for two weeks, but its concentration during this time varies. To remove the imbalance, it is recommended to divide the ampoule into 2-3 injection and put Testosterone Cypionate every 2-3 days. The same scheme is adopted for other testosterone derivatives.

If an athlete chooses Testosterone Cypionate (Testoged-C) to be able to do the injections at least – he's wrong, since sports doctors will recommend additionally to prick and even short esters, for example the drug Oxandrolone.

convenience So that the frequency of reception individually. But a long course gives more opportunities for making a range of different tools and provides a pronounced and long-lasting effect.

the quality of the drug Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate)

the Drug Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate) has 100% androgenic and anabolic properties and side effects of the same characteristic as that of the counterparts. Before the competition Testoged-C use unprofitable and inconvenient. He has such disadvantage as aromatization, which is fraught with salittu muscle and weight gain without increasing the power quality. After or during a course requires an additional drug that will stop aromatization.

But Testoged-C (Testosterone Cypionate) without the likelihood of injury, get a lot of muscle mass, strengthen the skeletal system. But the phenomenon of recoil to cycle the AAC expressed significantly, as does the risk to jump the HELL, dysfunction of the reproductive system and liver.


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