Test C 10 ml/200 mg ( Testosterone Сypionate )

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Description The description of the drug Test C 10 ml 200 mg

The famous drug Test C?

Test C today is one of the most popular and affordable anabolic steroids on the planet. Test C is the most widely used athletes in America. By the way, at present, Test C is one of the longest esters of Testosterone. However, if you want to buy C Test, remember that to reduce side effects and to consolidate the positive results of the Test C is best used in combination with other drugs to increase the amount of muscle mass.

the Description of the drug Test C

Popular drug Test C is based on testosterone – the natural male hormone which coarsens voice, increases aggressiveness, encourages muscle growth. The only thing Test C Testosterone eventually turns into estrogen, which is the female hormone. This is bad because it can cause gynecomastia, reducing libido (sexual desire) contributes to the fact that the liquid begins to linger in the body, which is the deposition of fat on the female type. But if you use the drug wisely to follow the results, do not exceed the dosage and be under the supervision of a trainer, all these troubles can be avoided, taking with it only its positive effects.

the Rate of admission Test C

the Lowest effective dosage is 200 mg a week, and after a certain time should increase the dosage for best results up to 500 mg a week. Experienced bodybuilders already consume 500-1000 mg of Test C a week. If you buy Test C and start taking, it will also improve your body's ability to regenerate, and this, as we all know, a very positive effect on the growth of muscle mass.

the rules of admission Test C

During injection Test C to reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects and blocking estrogen, it makes sense to use Proviron. After taking the drug Proviron should be replaced by Tamoxifen. You must also use Gonadotropin, if the rate of admission Testosterone cypionate the athlete lasts longer than one month.

Reviews of Test C

According to the reviews of those who decided to buy Test C and was able to assess its effects on the body, this drug is one of the most popular effective drugs on the planet. Buy Test C from Nitro-Chem is easily possible in our website because we offer only original Test C with protection from counterfeiting. According to most athletes, it is one of the least painful injections, which is also important, because injection be done. Therefore, if you decide to Test C – a significant increase in muscle mass in a short time you are guaranteed.


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