Sustanon 10 amp/1 ml/250 mg ( Sustanon )

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Description of the drug Sustanon 10 amp 1 ml/250 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Sustanon (Sustanon)

On this page of our online store, you have the unique opportunity to buy original Sustanon (Sustanon) from Organon is known to the company at a reasonable price. Why buy Sustanon from Organon? In order to answer this question it is necessary to tell about this miracle drug. Sustanon is usually used in bodybuilding for rapid recruitment of muscle mass. Many athletes know that a hormone that is responsible for anabolic processes in the body is Testosterone. Accordingly, the higher the concentration of Testosterone in the body, the muscles grow more rapidly under the influence of constant training. To increase the Testosterone level in the body there are a large number of different drugs and drugs. Great popularity in this aspect uses a synthetic Testosterone, or its esters. There are short and long esters of Testosterone, the difference between them is that short faster begin their action in the body, however, and the period of their validity is small. With long esters all the way around, in the body they begin to act much later, the period of their activity may be up to 10 days. So Sustanon is good because it is a mixture of Testosterone esters. It includes both short and long esters, in other words he begins his activity fairly quickly, and the duration of its action in the body is more than a week.

the drug Sustanon (Sustanon) from Organon

Sustanon Organon from the company is available at a dosage of 250 mg in 1 ml of the composition of the drug includes such as esters: Propionate (30 mg) Decanoate (100 mg), phenylpropionate (60 mg) and Isocaproate (60 mg).

Effects of sustanon

According to feedback from professional athletes, when taking sustanon observed such effects: the rapid recruitment of muscle mass, increased strength and endurance, increased appetite, increased libido.

Side effects of Sustanon from Organon

Along with the positive effects, when taking this drug there are also side effects. Like all esters of Testosterone, Sustanon has the ability to aromatisiertes in the body that can lead to the development of gynecomastia. To avoid this trouble you can start taking the Proviron from the second week steroid course. Also, Sustanon significantly inhibits the production of own Testosterone, so you need to immediately plan for post-cycle therapy. As a rule, the athletes on the PCT after sustanon taking Clomid. In rare cases, this drug can occur: acne, headaches, excessive aggression, increased blood pressure. However, if you do not exceed the recommended dosage, the risk of side effects is small. So, we gradually shifted the course of sustanon.

the Course of the drug Sustanon (Sustanon) and its dosages

Sustanon to gain muscle mass, almost the perfect drug. Athletes can use it solo on the course, or to combine with other steroids. It should be noted that the duration of the course of treatment with sustanon should not be exceed 8-10 weeks. According to the recommendations of experts in the field of sports pharmacology, dosages on the course range from 500 mg to 1000 mg, depending on weight category of the athlete.

For a more effective set of muscle combine Sustanon with a DECA (Nandrolone Decanoate), Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), stanozolol (Winstrol), Prima (Primobolan).

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