Sustandrol 1 ml/250 mg ( Sustanon )

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Description Attention! The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces now Sustandrol is a new pack of the previous line Sustamed (Sustamed)

You can buy 10 vials of this product - click here or Sustamed in vials 10 ml 250 mg Description of the drug Sustandrol 1ml/250 mg

Sustandrol 1 ml/250 mg (Sustanon), are created due to the unique formula of the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals has an incredible androgenic and anabolic functions. Which is associated with the presence of the main active ingredient Testosterone Mix (including a 4 ester Testosterone). Due to this Sustacal is very popular in the “iron sport”. Buy Sustandrol (sustacal), as with other drugs in sports pharmacology, in our online store Steroidsshop, where the presence of only high-quality and effective products that will not bring harm to health of professional athletes.

the Role and benefits Sustandrol (Sustanon) in bodybuilding

Sustandrol is one of the most popular drugs among professional athletes for bodybuilding, weightlifting, crossfit, powerlifting and other similar types of “iron” sport.

Solandra as drug substitution therapy with insufficient allocation of endogenous Testosterone. All the positive influence of drugs on the body is the presence of 4 Testosterone esters: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate. But as the antiseptic Solandra contains benzyl alcohol and peanut oil as a solvent.

due to the fact that all 4 of the air have their speed of action on the body, Sustandrol supports anabolic germov level in the blood for 30 days. Due to which there is no need for frequent injections. 1 time in 3 weeks will be enough.

When receiving Sustandrol muscle mass per month increases by about 6kg, due to the effect on blood flow, thereby improving the transport of oxygen, the athletes will have additional endurance. Plus, this drug has a positive effect on improving the appetite and the control of catabolic processes in the body.

because of this strong impact on the body, the recommended Sustantial more men, the rate of adoption of which lasts about 10 weeks. If you want duration, it is recommended that the introduction of gonadotropin.

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In the second week of the course you should take care of the blockers aromatase. To do this Anastrozole is usually used (at 500mg daily). And post-cycle therapy begins 3 weeks after last injection (preferably in the gluteal muscle on average 500 mg). For PCT often use Tamoxifen.

Pricing Sustandrol will suit each customer,and the quality of the product will not bring harm to health. Importantly, to comply with prescribed by qualified medical practitioners or coach modes of reception, and dosing. None of the medicines should not be used at their discretion, and even more – set the dosage.

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