Enandrol 1 ml/250 mg ( Testosterone Enanthate )

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Description Attention! The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces now Enandrol is a new pack of the previous line Testosterone E

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Description of the drug Enandrol 1ml/250 mg

Enandrol (Testosterone E) steroid long-acting drug that helps to normalize the natural Testosterone production of a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter (most often). This farm from SP laboratories is able to effectively achieve results in a short time, while Anadrol not excreted quickly from the body and its use will not be as frequent as his counterparts. This is due to the creation of the drug from the prolonged volatile compounds Testosterone enanthate.

the Advantages Enandrol 1 ml/250 mg (Testosterone Enanthate) in bodybuilding

in order to Anadrol was effective enough only 1 times a week of its application. It says on its long acting effect. Dosage 1 time a week this pharmaceutical is suitable for obtaining the desired result when used in the course methandienone, trenbolone and nandrolone. If an athlete enters Anadrol solo, then 300-500mg of pharmacy introduced not more often 2 times a week. A course of steroid usually lasts 9 weeks, then 2-3 weeks should be given for post-cycle therapy.

Testosterone enanthate smoothly penetrates into DNA, uniformly acting on the body, thereby ensuring a prolonged effect of the drug. Despite the high androgenic and anabolic activity (100%), Anadrol is not toxic to the liver.

a Positive impact on the organism, increasing its strength and stamina, Enandrol helps weightlifters and bodybuilders especially during pumping. In order to increase these figures, you should consult at the expense of proper sports nutrition, i.e. compliance with individually tailored diet plan.

the Duration of Enandrol up to two weeks, but the time during which the drug is completely removed from the body – about 3 months. Enandrol allows the body to accumulate excess fluid, so after taking this drug may advance the “rollback period” and the athlete will lose some muscle mass. In order to avoid this effect after a course trainer or doctor advised to take other medications. As for further preparations, and to establish the dosing and regimen, is to only go to the doctor or the coach, who will select the required course with a maximum of efficiency for each physiological and physical health of the athlete.

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Qualified sports doctors state that the maximum dosage Enandrol is 2-4G per week. An even higher dosage will not bring results.

to avoid estrogenic side effects, you need to undergo with proviron or aromatase inhibitors. And to obtain high-quality relief during the drying course is supplemented with anavar or Victrola (depending on the physical preparedness of the athlete).

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