Boldoged 10 ml/200 mg ( Boldenone Undecylenate )

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Description of the drug Boldoged 10 ml 200 mg

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Boldoged (Boldenone) is a modified injectable steroid, anabolic rates which are not inferior to similar indicators Testosterone. Buy Boldoged, is primarily because it increases endurance and strength, improves the appetite and is involved in the process of hematopoiesis, thereby ensuring total saturation of the body with oxygen. Long live, leads to slow but steady growth of muscles. The course involves long cycles.

the Drug is usually not used as a strong Builder of muscle relief alone. Paired combination Boldoged with other types of steroids help to achieve tremendous indicators with minimal risk of side effects.

the Rate and dosage of the drug Boldoged

the Duration and the dosage, depending on the task and the individual data may differ, therefore, do not neglect the advice of experienced professionals. Boldoged one injection per week can range from 300 to 800 mg. Self-assignment the dosage may not only improve the result, but also lead to the manifestation of side effects. Duration of the course, is usually at least 6-8 weeks.

Before you buy Boldoged, you need to know about the side effects of

once an athlete decides to buy Boldoged and starts to take it, negative effects such as swelling, impaired blood pressure, signs of gynecomastia - the phenomenon is extremely rare, with the consequence that there is no need to antiestrogen therapy. Aromatization of the drug Boldoged - is virtually absent, prostate hypertrophy, hair loss, rashes blackheads - also not observed. Androgenic activity permits the use of boldenone in female bodybuilding and powerlifting without much concern.

Boldoged reviews has excellent

Experienced athletes who often want to buy Boldoged (Boldenone), is celebrated by its superior quality during drying in combination with winstrol and anavar, to increase the mass with testosterone and trenbolone. This option inhibits its own Testosterone, and therefore requires antiestrogens and reduce the duration of the course. Don't forget about post-cycle therapy. For maximum effect, you should stick to a diet, using the range of sports nutritional supplements.

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