Boldebolin 2 ml/200 mg (Boldenone) ( Boldenone Undecylenate )

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Description of the drug Boldebolin 2 ml 200 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Boldenone (Boldebolin from Organon)

On this page of our online store of steroids we offer drug Boldebolin from the company Organon is a synthetic steroid, which an active substance is composed of Boldenone and original, this drug was developed for use in veterinary medicine, but subsequently had their properties seen by sportsmen a wide variety of categories and are highly valued by them to this day. It is worth noting that the drug Boldebolin (Boldenone), depending on whether the course is well suited for a particular purpose, as the athletes power category and the athletes, so having such a wide indications for use it is popular in the USA.

In particular, athletes prefer to buy Boldenone (Boldebolin) due to the fact that it has a strong action aimed at building muscle mass, and thus has virtually no adverse effects, which are expressed in flavor. Anyway, best place to buy Boldenone (Boldebolin) is on the stage of the so-called “drying”, when working on muscle mass.

These results drug Boldebolin (Boldenone) due to the fact that his anabolic index is equal to the same value Testosterone, and androgen index at the same time is at half the rate than Testosterone.

the Advantages of drug Boldebolin (Boldenone)

Using the drug Boldebolin (Boldenone) can quickly build up quality muscle mass, which will differ relief, as Boldenone is also fat burning effects. Low androgen index allows you to practice safely. This fact gives the opportunity to buy Boldenone (Boldebolin) even women, although in any case dosage for women differ significantly from men's, and the use of this drug need to coordinate with a personal trainer and sports therapist.

Also buy Boldenone (Boldebolin) should those athletes for whom it is important the improvement of physical performance, i.e. strength and endurance, as well as increasing the number of red blood cells, resulting in the muscles improves the supply of oxygen.

Also everyone who decided to buy Boldebolin (Boldenone) should know that a particularly rapid effect on the growth of muscle mass from this drug should not be expected, because Boldenone acts in the human body slowly but efficiently. Some athletes, who are facing their first drug Boldebolin (Boldenone) can be falsely concluded that he was "not working", but these thoughts, they will appear only in the beginning of the course and they change dramatically after the recommended course of training with this drug is finished and you can fully appreciate the result.

the Rate and dosage of the drug Boldebolin (Boldenone)

to Accurately calculate the dosage of the drug Boldebolin (Boldenone) can only be a professional coach, who shall take into account such factors as the level of current physical indicators of a person, and the fact that this person wants to achieve from training. Mostly effective duration is a period of 8-10 weeks, and dosage in this case is equal to about 400-600 mg per week. To increase the duration or dosage basically makes no sense, as the improvement obtained on the training will not give results, but is likely to cause the appearance of side effects, which is pleasant enough.

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