Bold 500 10 ml/500 mg ( Boldenone Undecylenate )

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Description of the drug Bold 500 10 ml 500 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Boldenone (Bold 500 from Pharmacom Labs)

On this page we offer you an Bold preparation 500, which produces the company Pharmacom Labs with the best reputation among the manufacturers of pharmacology for athletes. As the main active ingredient in the drug Bold 500, as the name implies, acts Boldenone, particularly Boldenone Undecylenate ether. The anabolic drug activity Bold 500 in this case is similar to testosterone and its androgenic action it is at a twice lower level.

In its composition Boldenone is a molecule not containing dianabol is 17-alpha-methyl group.

Originally Boldenone was developed for use in veterinary medicine, but later its effectiveness in building muscles became interested in the athletes.

effect of the drug is 500 Bold (Boldenone)

After the injection, the drug 500 Bold (Boldenone) acts in the human body for a sufficient period (about 15-20 days), at the same time buy Boldenone (Bold 500) is recommended for use at a dosage of 400 to 800 milligrams per week. Moreover, it is calculated by the specialist, depending on the physical training of a person and what results he wants to achieve in training. The duration of the course with all this is two to two and a half months, and during that time, athletes can build up to eight kilos of muscle mass.

Injections of 500 Bold (Boldenone) also affect increase of appetite, increase endurance and strength athlete. All this is necessary to athletes to improve the training efficiency.

unlike the drug Bold 500 other boldenone, is that it contains a greater amount of active ingredient, and this in turn allows for injections less frequently.

Combined courses of the drug 500 Bold (Boldenone)

Quite often, professional athletes recommended to buy Boldenone (Bold 500) for use in conjunction with other anabolics. Most often, among them note: Winstrol is a course aimed at drying or esters Testosterone or trenbolone during the course aimed at more substantial muscle growth. The duration of the combined courses is thus reduced to one and a half months, since such combinations increase the likelihood of anabolic steroids suppress the production of natural Testosterone in the body. During these combined courses also use an antiestrogen, to reduce the likelihood of side effects.

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