Aquatest 5 amp/1 ml/100 mg ( Testosterone Suspension )

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Description of the drug Aquatest 5 amp at 1 ml/100 mg

Details for those wishing to buy Aquatest (5 ampoules)

On the current page of our website, we offer you the drug Aquatest from the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals - Moldova manufacturer, well-proven among athletes USA and Europe as a reliable supplier of "working" drugs to enhance athletic performance.

as the active ingredient in the drug Aquatest Testosterone Suspension contains water, and the main advantage of this active substance is very fast provided the anabolic effect, that is, works Aquatest immediately after injection and excreted from the body per day. This feature allows you to use Aquatest even those athletes in their sport are faced with doping tests. In order to Aquatest was not detected by the relevant test is enough to stop its use for 2-3 days before the test.

the effect of the drug Aquatest in the body

Buy Aquatest can afford as experienced athletes who are familiar with the action of anabolic steroids, and novices, because for the first and for the second this drug will be effective. Importantly, in this case to the dosage of this drug was prepared by the expert, after all independently to choose it correctly is unlikely to succeed.

effect of the drug Aquatest in the body of the athlete helps him faster to build muscle, burn body fat, making muscles more pronounced, increase your strength and endurance. All this is necessary for any person, regularly visiting the gym, so Aquatest every year is gaining popularity.

Usually as effective of a training course with the drug Aquatest use it for 4-5 weeks with a daily dosage to 100 milligrams. But this dose is relevant only for experienced athletes, as a beginner you should start with only 20 milligrams of the drug per day. Given the fact that the injection of the drug Aquatest can be painful and enter it into the body needs daily, experts advise to add injections of vitamin B12 in order to reduce discomfort at the injection site.

On this page, you can order 5 vials of the drug Aquatest, which may be convenient for the preparation of the course, although you can also buy a whole pack of the drug or ampoule individually.


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