Somatropin 191aa 1/10IU ( HGH )

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Description of the drug Somatropin 191aa 1/10IU

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Initially, the growth hormone Somatropin (Somatropin) has been used in medicine for the treatment of stunted growth in children and certain diseases in adults, which are associated with a growth hormone deficiency. At some point, the drug Somatropin (Somatropin) almost completely transferred to the area of sports, as athletes learned about its properties and tested on their own experience the effectiveness of training, which Somatropin (Somatropin) allows to achieve.

In sports the use of the drug Somatropin (Somatropin) is very common, as it can be used to achieve efficient and fast growth of muscle mass, which will also differ relief, because in lists of action of the drug Somatropin (Somatropin) and also have a fat burning effect.

effect of the drug Somatropin (Somatropin)

the Drug Somatropin (Somatropin) has anabolic activity, which is and increase muscle mass, but its benefits for athletes does not end there, because Somatropin allows you to increase the physical factors, in particular its strength and endurance. Such indicators have the most direct influence on improving the effectiveness of training in the gym, spend more time by increasing the amount of energy, and training can be carried out with the application of greater weight.

athletes important property of the drug Somatropin (Somatropin) that it almost completely inhibits the process of catabolism in the body, that is, the recruited muscle mass while training with Somatropin will not break down, that is the phenomenon of "rollback" is not expected.

Side effects of the drug Somatropin (Somatropin)

mainly In high dosages, after using the drug Somatropin (Somatropin) athletes may be at risk for manifestations of diabetes, and hypothyroidism. Therefore, you should not use this medicine in its sole discretion, and to prescribe its dosage needs only the specialist, depending on many individual parameters.


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