Norditropin 15 mg/1.5 ml/48 IU ( HGH )

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Description Norditropin (Norditropin) in the USA at an affordable price, Description of the drug Norditropin 15mg/1.5 ml/48IU

Norditropin (Norditropin) synthetic solution of growth hormone. The drug is obtained by the technology of recombinant DNA. A new form of the growth hormone was created at the request of consumers. Buy Norditropin must be along with a syringe-pen, since it comes in special cartridges. The drug for 19 years of use in clinical practice has established itself as a safe, effective, easy to use.

Form of issue

Norditropin ready-to-use clear solution. Unlike its freeze-dried (powder), it does not need to prepare before administration. The solution is stable for 2 years. If stored properly it is not divided into fractions. The glass cartridge has a corresponding color-coded depending on the dose of the active substance:

0.5 mg/1.5 ml yellow; 10 mg/1.5 ml blue; 15 mg/1.5 ml light green.

the Accuracy of dosing provides a proprietary syringe pen. The device has a function of radzilowski, quickly and simply eliminates the error at the wrong set dose.

Brief description of the drug Norditropin

the Genetically engineered product Norditropin completely identical to the growth hormone somatotropin, which produces the human pituitary gland, so the introduction of it does not cause negative reactions. Substance stimulates the division and formation of cells in zones of bone growth that provides the linear increase of the skeleton. It also stimulates

synthesis and structure of collagen molecules; inhibition of catabolic processes. the increase in the number and size of muscle cells; cell division of the endocrine glands, liver, heart; the utilization of subcutaneous body fat; a delay in the body of calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and water; anabolic action (synthesis of cellular proteins).

the Effect was observed for 12-48 hours after a single injection.

Use in sport Norditropin

In the 80-ies of the last century somatotropin has become very popular among bodybuilders due to the pronounced anabolic effect. Courses admission Norditropin provide:

the increase in muscle mass; fast fat burning; to form a beautiful relief of the body; elimination of consequences of fractures, sprains and tears of muscles, tendons; increase in athletes to 26 years.

the Original Norditropin in bodybuilding is popular as a monthly solo course provides increase lean muscle mass by 2-4 pounds.

Advantages Norditropin

In pharmacies Norditropin to buy in USA for 4000-5000 UAH. Some beginners are looking for cheaper drugs. But compared to them, somatotropin there are significant advantages:

increases the number of muscle cells, not just helps to keep them fluid, so there is no effect of recoil; does not inhibit sexual activity and the synthesis of sperm cells; quickly and effectively removes the effects of sports injuries; does not require PCT; has almost no contraindications and side effects; does not cause an imbalance of sex hormones. The dosage Norditropin

the Dose and duration of use Norditropin calculated individually, taking into account experience, age of the athlete and the desired result. Begin the course with a minimum dose of 1.7 mg (5ME) 1 time per day. In the absence of negative effects on the body the dose is increased, increasing the number of injections to 2 times a day.

Escalation start at 2-3 week course solo. The daily volume must not exceed 3.3 mg (10 IU). Duration of use Norditropin not more than six months.

Experienced bodybuilders use the drug in conjunction with other anabolics – testosterone or sustanon. Duration of the course 7 weeks.

Reviews on Norditropin for the most part positive. Athletes have noted its effectiveness, good tolerability, but complain about the cost.

Side effects

Side effects of Norditropin are extremely rare. Among the most unpleasant:

suppress the production of thyroid hormones; increasing the amount of sugar in the blood, until the development of hyperglycemia; "jumps" in blood pressure; lethargy, drowsiness, fatigue; hypertrophy of internal organs; pain in the joints; headache; swelling in the first week of use; numbness of limbs; allergic skin manifestations at the injection site swelling, redness, pain.

they are Eliminated by reducing the dose.

the Drug should not be applied when:

diabetes; pregnancy and breast-feeding; at the age of 20 years; diseases of the heart and the thyroid gland; malignant diseases. Where to buy Norditropin in USA?

you can Buy Norditropin in Boston in pharmacies of the city, but there it is much more expensive. You can order Norditropin in our online store online in a single click that will save energy, time and finances. To find growth hormone can at the store or get expert advice on given phone number.


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