Ansomone 10/16 IU ( HGH )

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Description of the drug Ansomone 10 IU, 16

Ansomone is a synthetic growth hormone identical to human growth hormone Somatropin. This drug was developed by the Chinese API producer, the AEC Biotechnology and is produced in the form of liquid for injection. the
Ansomone has gained its popularity among bodybuilders mainly because of its ability to increase muscle mass. The drug contributes to the hypertrophy of cells, and thus increases in size. Ansomone is not converted into estrogen, and therefore does not cause deposition of fat on the female type and fluid accumulation. It also regulates groovetune and has fat burning effect. Due to this narushennaya muscle mass pronounced, but the effect is minimal recoil. Ansomone strengthens cartilage, bone and connective tissue and accelerates protein synthesis. It makes the body more resilient, which is very important for enhanced training. Another very important positive aspect is that Greatly accelerates the regeneration of cells throughout the body. It has good rejuvenating effect. The skin looks much younger, the organs are restored and the body in General feeling younger. This fact also contributes to a more rapid recovery of the body after prolonged exercise and injuries.
This is one of the most effective and safe drugs to build muscle. Ansomone has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and improves immunity.

Dosage Ansomon

the Dosage for beginners when you know a solo is 10-15 Units per day. The dosage of the drug for professional athletes is 25-30 IU per day. The dosage for women is slightly higher than for men. the
course Duration is two to three months. After the course you need to take a break for 3-4 weeks.

Side effects Apampa

With prolonged course and high dosages increases the risk of side effects. One of the worst is hypertrophy of the internal organs. Ansomone increases not only the size of muscle cells, and all the rest. Bodies increase to such an extent that the pressure on each other breaking the circulation. This in turn increases the size of the abdominal cavity. Also marked headaches, joint pain, hyperglycemia, tumor in place

feedback about the preparation

our customer Reviews say that Ansomone is one of the most effective drugs for increasing muscle mass. The muscles that the athlete can build on the course is more clearly marked, dry and elastic compared to muscle after steroids.

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