Ansomone 10/10 IU ( HGH )

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Description of the drug Ansomone 10 IU 10

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we suggest you to buy Ansomon (Ansomone) - injecting the drug from company Anhui Anke Biotechnology, which is a recombinant growth hormone obtained by bioengineering, who appreciates the many professional athletes working in a variety of sports fields, primarily for the fact that its performance is perfectly suited to maximize your training in the gym in a particular key, which is necessary to achieve certain goals. And the purpose of such Ansomone (Ansomon) is pretty much what makes the drug popular among a wide range of athletes. Mainly buy Ansomon (Ansomone) is recommended for those athletes who want to build muscle, to improve its quality and raise its strength to train you as long as you can, used weight increase and recover soon after training.

despite the fact that today we can buy Ansomon (Ansomone) prefer athletes, in the past this drug was used mainly in medicine for faster recovery of patients after injuries, for treatment of burns, and to treat the problems of slow growth in children. Many years of successful practice in medical purposes has not gone unnoticed today, but in sports order buy today Ansomon is recommended more often.

Ansomone (Ansomon) in bodybuilding

today buy Ansomon (Ansomone) often prefer bodybuilders, since they the drug is best and professional trainers advise their wards Ansomon increasingly, as these growth hormones are superbly fit athletes in this category. In particular Ansomone (Ansomon) allows the athlete including get rid of excess body fat and make your body more relief. Also Ansomone (Ansomon) affects the strengthening of bones, cartilage and ligaments in the human body, which is very important for athletes, because when you work with more weight they have the risk of personal injury. While training with drug Ansomone (Ansomon) the risk is reduced to a minimum as the skeletal system of the athlete with the drug can withstand heavy loads.

Additional effects, which reach from drug Ansomone

As already stated above, the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) has in the human body, the effect similar to the natural endogenous growth hormone, therefore, its main advantages include:

strengthening of protein synthesis; the growth of the epiphysis; the normalization of the nitrogen balance; acceleration of healing of injuries; lowers LDL and serum cholesterol; regulate fat and mineral metabolism; improve cardiac contractility and reduce oxygen consumption heart; increase the body's immunity to various infections; a positive impact on the treatment hypoprotein.

With the ability of the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) did not end there, because in sport he also has certain capabilities depending on the dosage and method of ingestion.

the use of the drug Ansomon (Ansomone)

basically the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) used at a dosage which can vary from 50 to 100 milligrams a day. This figure in more detail, you can make only on an individual basis. Injection put also in the case may be, every 2-3 days. Also note that Ansomone (Ansomon) can be applied both subcutaneously and intramuscularly, and depending on the method of administration, it is possible to achieve various advantages of which is best to learn from a professional trainer.

Also everyone who decided to buy Ansomon (Ansomone) for the course of their training it is necessary to understand that excessive dosage of this drug can lead to hypertrophy of the muscles and problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system, so in its own discretion, without the involvement of a specialist drafting course, apply Ansomon (Ansomone) is not necessary.

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