Ansomone 1/10 IU ( HGH )

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Description of the drug Ansomone IU 1/10

Details for those wishing to buy Ansomon (Ansomone)

On this page of our store sports pharmacology we offer you to buy Ansomon (Ansomone), which is a recombinant growth hormone, the main purpose of which is the treatment of burns, the impact on the speedy recovery from injuries and treatment of stunting in children.

In sports human growth hormone is widely used by athletes, law enforcers, and buy Ansomon (Ansomone) in the first place is to those people, which are important for quick muscle mass gain, as well as strengthening the skeletal system, ligaments and joints. Particularly popular Ansomon (Ansomone) among bodybuilders as it allows them to achieve high performance in sport, including at the expense of the ability to work with more weight because of the strengthening of the bones and eliminate pain in the joints, which may occur in such cases.

effect of the drug Ansomone (Ansomon)

Athletes who already bought Ansomon (Ansomone) and try it on your own experience, speak of this medicine in the best way, as it can help you to increase not just muscle bulk and muscle, which are also characterized by high relief, which is also appreciated absolutely in any sport.

Also, the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) affects a more rapid recovery after grueling workouts, that is so long between workouts, you need to restore, with this drug do not have.

the course of the drug Ansomone (Ansomon)

the Daily dosage of the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) at the beginning of the course is set at 5 units. this is Done in order to test the organism on the presence of side effects. If the course goes well, the athletes are Amateurs who want to build muscle mass is usually used 10-15 units of the drug per day, and athletes professionals can increase the dosage. The duration of a training course with this drug, in this case is from 2 to 3 months, followed by the start of the next course are advised to take a break about 1 month. But anyway, finally appoint the dosage of the drug Ansomone (Ansomon) can only be a personal trainer, as it can quite significantly differ depending on the experience of the athlete, from his age, from his sport, and the outcome he expects to achieve in training.

Reviews of drug Ansomon athletes and doctors

the Popularity of Apamea in bodybuilding substantiated by the ability to quickly obtain relief, the minimum likelihood of side effects and lack of effect on potency. Among coaches and athletes who attended, comments positively on the preparation of Mikhail Romanov. He stressed that his weight only for the first month and a half has increased by 12 kg, and for six months, during which he used injections, lean body mass was more than 100 kg.

it is Important to use Ansomon and as a fat burner. Held in 2017, the research Institute of diabetes at mount Sinai under the leadership of Dr. Susan K. fried and Karen K. Miller, showed a decrease of adipose tissue cells in just a month and a half of taking the drug.

High efficiency is ensured by precision of dosage. It is not recommended to exceed the dose to avoid the increase of blood sugar and possible diabetes.


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