Meltos 100 tabs//40 mcg ( Clenbuterol )

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Description Attention! You can also buy 1 blister Meltos for convenience of compilation of the course.

Description of the drug Meltos 100 tabs 40 mcg

Details for those wishing to buy Meltos (Clenbuterol)

we suggest you to buy Meltos the weight from the Moldovan company Pharmacom Labs, which is similar to the more famous drug called Clenbuterol. One of the main advantages of this drug is the fact that Meltos, as well as Clenbuterol is a drug non-steroidal origin, and therefore the side effects from the right technique, he never called. Exceptions may be only overdose, however, as in the case of overdoses of any other pharmaceutical agent.

Sports the drug Meltos

Given the popularity of the drugs from the manufacturer Pharmacom Labs, buy Meltos is quite often recommended as an effective fat burner, which will help in quite a short time to improve the relief of muscle mass by burning fat. Ideally this course will be a after use of steroid drugs, or in principle after a course on mass without using steroids. In this case, the advantage of the drug Meltos lies also in the fact that he has some degree of anabolic effect, so this property will help maintain muscle mass without losing the dialed hard work pounds in the process of "drying".

Subcutaneous fat with the drug Meltos thus appears quite naturally. The action of this drug affects the insignificant rise in body temperature, and in the process of training, subcutaneous fat is used for energy expended during exercise.

the Course Meltos used dosages

In an effective dosage to by Meltos is recommended on the basis of daily supplementation at the level of 120-160 µg, that is 3-4 tablets per day for men and no more than 40-80 mcg per day for women that is 1-2 tablets. Such dosages are considered safe and effective. The duration of the course usually be at the level of 4-6 weeks.

Also everyone who decided to buy Meltos need to know for better absorption in the body, you need to start with a minimum dosage i.e. half of one, gradually from day to day doubling the dose until then, until the prescribed daily dosage. In the latter stages at the end of the course, take Meltos, you need to also gradually reducing the dosage to the last day of the course she was on the level all right.


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