Cytomel 50 tabs/50 mg ( Liothyronine )

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Description of the drug Cytomel 50 tabs 50 mg

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the Cytomel is a hormone similar to that produced by the thyroid gland. Its popularity among the bodybuilders did nothing less than steroids. It is noteworthy that this drug is actively used by both women and men. The main effects include:

a significant acceleration of the process of metabolism; the breakdown of fatty tissue.

According to the specialists ' opinions about the drug Cytomel, despite the synthetic origin of this hormone works similarly from the substances that are produced directly by the thyroid gland. That is why most athletes take the active course of the drug Cytomel, directly before a competition to quickly and efficiently get rid of excess fat, and in the process of daily training.

at this, despite the fact that the drug acts the same as the hormones produced by the thyroid gland, it is very important to follow the correct dosage.

therefore, before you buy Cytomel, and start taking it, you should consult with experts who can help in the development of the drug.

Side effects Cytomel

According to the reviews bodybuilders that Cytomel is actively used, and the side effects that may occur include:

Easy, short-term weakness after use of the drug; Some palpitations; Trembling hands; Discomfort in the area of the thyroid gland.

it Should be noted that in most cases the above mentioned side effects disappear on the second or third week of active drug. Thus, loss of fat mass over the course Ziemele five to six weeks up to 10 kilograms, which in itself is worth the discomfort that occurs in the early stages of its application.

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