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the First thing you need to know about the drug Cytomel (Cytomel) is not an anabolic steroid but a thyroid hormone. That is, this tool is a special pharmaceutical preparation, which is made of natural thyroid hormone — triiodothyronine (T-3).

When you receive the funds accelerates the process of metabolism, resulting in increased cellular activity, which, in turn, is reflected in fairly rapid processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Cytomel is very popular with many athletes because it allows you to virtually eliminate the extra fat in the human body.

the drug in preparation for a big competition allows you to effectively reduce fat deposits in the body, without reducing the number of calories consumed. Quite often Cytomel is combined with the drug Clenbuterol, which can lead to excellent results. Such combination tools are very popular recently, because it is able to significantly improve the appearance of the muscles. Contraindications also there is but slight. While taking the drug Cytomel (Cytomel) in conjunction with steroids, you can achieve a significant anabolic effect which is much brighter than while using only one steroid.

as an active chemical acts liotironin of sodium, which in its effect is equivalent to the hormone T-3. Cytomel is characterized by high speed impact, allowing the athlete in record time to achieve the peak of the relief of the musculature, even without using a low-calorie diet.

As you know, in women, the metabolic processes were slower, so they are particularly hard to get rid of hated kilograms. That's why a lot of bodybuilders regularly take Cytomel (Cytomel). Although this drug and can have side effects, they are less dangerous to health than the consequences of a long stay on a rigid low-calorie diet.

in the use of the drug Cytomel (Cytomel) there is increased absorption of nutrients into the mitochondria, which produces ATP, as well as increased levels of oxidation (i.e., the threshold at which they "burn" for energy production). The drug Cytomel (Cytomel) enhances the action of enzymes, and increases body temperature, which indicates an increase in ATP synthesis.

Cytomel optimizes rate of metabolism, and also accelerates protein synthesis, however, without additional anabolic steroids it shows catabolic properties. It is also proven that the drug provokes the intensification of the production of somatotropin and nitrogen retention in the body.

Features of the drug Cytomel (Cytomel)

Cytomel is a very powerful hormone, so before use, be sure to read the instruction and consult your doctor or trainer. Strictly follow recommendations of the experts and do not exceed the established dosages.

General rules of the drug Cytomel is as follows:

course Cytomel to start with small doses (approximately 25 micrograms per day); to increase the dosage should not more often than every 3-4 days; the maximum daily dose should not exceed 100 micrograms per day; women are not recommended to take more than 50 mcg a day; the daily dose is better divided into several doses; at the end of dosage is Cytomel it is also necessary to gradually reduce; the course of the drug Cytomel should not exceed 6 weeks, then you need to take a break (about 2 months). Side effects of the drug Cytomel (Cytomel)

exceeding the recommended dosages of the drug Cytomel (Cytomel) can cause hypothyroidism. In addition, you may experience weakness, palpitations, tremor, excessive sweating, sugar in the urine, internal unease. Excessive consumption can also dissolve and muscle cells, so in parallel with the drug Cytomel (Cytomel), it is necessary to essentially increase the dietary intake of protein (about 2.5-3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight). Some athletes, because of the risk of losing muscle, increase the dosage of anabolic steroids.

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Reviews on Cytomel (Cytomel) doctors and coaches

the Cytomel, widely used in medicine in the treatment of hypothyroidism, has received massive positive reviews in the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting. When the athlete active drying and you want to get the best relief, this drug shows its powerful fat burning properties.

Doctors say that it can be combined with other steroids during the course, while it stimulates fat burning and allows you to retain quality muscle mass.

Coaches and bodybuilders like to use it in their practice, while combining with growth hormone to achieve the best muscle growth and increase strength. The Spartak Vaskovsky noted that the effect is manifested immediately, the athlete gets his best physical shape.


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