Cytomel 30 tabs/25 mg ( Liothyronine )

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Description The description of the drug Cytomel 30 tabs of 25 mg

Information about the drug Cytomel

In today's modern reality, for anybody not a secret that during the occupation of bodybuilding, for an athlete one of the main and fundamental problem is the presence of excess fat in the body, which prevent to achieve a beautiful embossed and “dry” muscles. To combat this known problem, the bodybuilders use a variety of tools (drugs).

fat Burner Cytomel helps both experienced and novice athletes in decision problems with the presence of unwanted fat and doing it more than successfully.

How does a fat burner Cytomel?

This drug boosts the metabolism (metabolism) in the body of athletes, who used it on the course, and as a result receive fast absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. That is why quite a large number of bodybuilders are trying to buy Cytomel for complex, combined use with other steroids in their courses.

it is Worth noting that the main component of this drug is triiodothyronine – a hormone is synthetically derived from liothyronine sodium, which in turn is a thyroid hormone. In medicine liothyronine sodium is widely used in cases where the violation of thyroid function, obesity, low metabolism, and as a result fatigue and excessive irritability of the person.

Features of the drug and Cytomel dosages

Buy Cytomel makes sense if you plan to follow the dosage. Bodybuilders are recommended to take Cytomel in precontest training for six weeks in such dosages:

the First day - 25 mcg, and the second and all subsequent days gradually adjusted the dose to 100 mcg (for men) and 50 µg (for women).

the Daily dose it is important to take the same parts, preferably including through equal periods of time. In the last 4-5 day course of the drug Cytomel dosage should be gradually reduced.

in Any case should not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of the drug, because it can lead to various unwanted side effects.

Cytomel side effects

Before you buy Cytomel, it is important to understand that the negative side-effects were observed only in case of overdose, namely:

disturbances in the cardiovascular system; increased sweating; migraine headaches, sometimes nausea.

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