Citomed 60 tabs/50 mg ( Liothyronine )

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Description of the drug Citomed 60 tabs 50 mg

Details for those wishing to buy cytomed (Citomed)

we Offer drug Citomed (cytomed) buy which you can always on this page of our website. The manufacturer of this drug is a popular firm from Moldova under the name of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, has won the trust of athletes around the world, so we can safely say that this drug has only the best recommendations.

essentially, the drug Citomed (cytomed) is a synthetic thyroid hormone, which can significantly affect the burning of fat in the body. Athletes in these figures, prefer to buy cytomed (Citomed) at the final stage of training, directed on formation of their bodies, when dialed, make the muscles more visible.

the Effect provided by the drug Citomed (cytomed) in the body of the athlete

Thousands of positive testimonials from athletes who had already by cytomed (Citomed), and use it in training confirmed that the drug to cope with fat loss in the best way, and at the same time, the drug works naturally, without causing the body any unnatural actions. When you receive cytomed, the human body temperature is slightly increased, and body fat in the most natural way removed from the body during physical activity.

With its fat-burning properties Citomed (cytomed) has also, to some extent, and anabolic action in the body, which is also useful for athletes entering the training stage, because even a small action is directed in this way allows them to keep up on a steroid course muscle mass, minimizing may appear in such cases, the effect of recoil.

basically to use Citomed (cytomed) recommend starting with minimal doses, gradually increasing them day by day, reaching the desired dose. About what exactly will need dose you can ask your personal trainer if he knows about the preparation courses of sports pharmacology, or you can ask this question to our consultants by phone.

In our store to buy cytomed can be anyone, because you do not need any prescription. Shipping is done all over the country, and the lowest possible prices, as well as the authenticity of the product - we guarantee it.


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