Citomed 20 tabs/50 mg ( Liothyronine )

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Description of the drug Citomed 20 tabs 50 mg

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For a long period of time, in the global and domestic market has been difficult to find legal steroids with complete package of supporting documentation and quality certificates. Fortunately, to date the majority of in demand and use of steroids approved for reception and sales, however, it is very important to select the safest and of course effective steroid.

the Effect Citomed (cytomed)

Citomed (cytomed) in the USA is widely known as a tool that helps you to lose weight and drier. Its peculiarity is that the effect is noticeable already in the first days and with the increase of the received dose, the longer you take, is only getting better. Therefore, experienced athletes are advised to buy Citomed (cytomed) instead of the sports fat burners.

Citomed (cytomed) is a modern pharmaceutical product which, due to various factors (such as component composition and mechanism of influence on the processes in the host organism of the athlete) cannot be attributed to drugs, characterized by anabolic and androgenic activity. In essence, this tool is a synthetic thyroid hormone.

The first drugs based on thyroid hormones appeared in the 19th century, and had the appearance of extracts of the thyroid glands, but was very effective. By the mid-20th century began to appear analogues of this medicine, more like modern. In pill form they become much easier to use and began to be actively used at medical appointments and in sports as doping. And today Citomed (cytomed) in the USA and abroad wide be used without restrictions and prohibitions.

the Thyroid gland produces two kinds of hormones, if it is in a healthy condition.

L-thyroxine; L-triamterene.

Citomed (cytomed) is a synthetic replacement of L-triamterene, which contributes to performing the same processes as a natural hormone produced by the thyroid. The main constituent substance of the component composition of this product is liotironin-sodium, having significant similarities with natural biological hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

Under normal circumstances, development of a natural hormone occurs at a sufficient level, however, when synthesized enough concentration, experienced athletes are resorting to the use Citomed (cytomed). Reviews Citomed (cytomed) stipulate that the proper use of this pharmaceutical product allows you to recreate the body ' s processes are identical to the biological effects of the thyroid gland.

we would like to emphasize the fact that he is the official manufacturer of this product, indicating detailed information about the product Citomed (cytomed), ascribes to the product properties and characteristics substantially exceeding indicators of steroid means of this profile.

For a long time, this product is for laboratory research and testing, resulting in conclusions on the demonstration of significant results and practical security application of the product athletes, but dosage Citomed (cytomed) should be determined for each athlete individually. Only a complete adherence to the prescribed medical recommendations allows you to achieve visible results and to exclude the possibility of manifestation of certain side effects of Citomed (cytomed).

Citomed (cytomed) in sports

most Often, Citomed (cytomed) in Boston used among bodybuilders who use it as a strong fat burner. With the right dosage of the drug he has not only fat burning, but a small anabolic effect – increases the level of metabolism in the body and also increases the speed of growth of muscle tissue, strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous system.

the drug Citomed (cytomed) in Boston, and other areas of the country, should be appointed by a doctor and start with minimal doses. On average, the use of tablets should not exceed 400 mg per day. Course duration should not exceed six weeks, as this may cause side effects. When taking the substances athletes, use can be combined with other drugs – fat burners and steroids.

Citomed (cytomed), the price of which, to date, there are available for any athlete, allows you to use it before competitions and active preparation for them. When you increase the load you can increase the dose of the drug, but only after consultation with the sports doctor. Act it starts 4 hours after taking the pills and effect in the form of muscle growth is seen after three days.

Price Citomed (cytomed) to the present time very low and affordable. To by cytomed (Citomed) can not only in specialized shops but also via Internet.

Reviews of cytomed bodybuilders and doctors '

Licensed, reliable and effective drug cytomed, gained popularity not only among athletes but also in wanting to get rid of excess weight, has received recognition and quality assurance of production in 2012. GMP compliance, the purity of raw materials and quality control of production allow to receive positive feedback not only from athletes but also the coaches, searching for individual methods of the class.

Doctors recommend cautious use of Citomed, especially when combined effect with steroids. Hormonal agent is a powerful and effective even when passing a regular course of treatment, and in the case of a combined receiving – reinforce and burn fat cells much faster. This efficiency cytomed requires regular replenishment of body mass for the formation of muscle tissue in the form of good nutrition from the first day of admission.


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