Tamoxiver 25 tabs/25 mg ( Tamoxifene Citrate )

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Tamoxiver 25 tab 25 mg is a non - steroidal drug, which is the manufacturer of the Moldovan company ", oral steroid, which". Used Tamoxiver (Tamoxiver)for the treatment of oncological diseases, mainly for treatment of breast cancer. Active ingredients of the drug Tamoxiver (Tamoxiver)suspend the active growth stage of the malignancy and suppress the emergence of a new education. When used in sports pharmacology, can you buy Tamoxiver to reduce the activity of estrogen.

a Special place drug Tamoxiver is the USA bodybuilding, as when the reception is no anabolic and androgenic effect, but at the same time retain anti-estrogenic properties. Such evidences lead to the fact that the drug Tamoxiver, price in Boston which is quite low, and efficiency in the use of high, widely used by athletes.

effect of the drug Tamoxiver (Tamoxiver)

the Reason for the use of such drugs as Tamoxiver is the fact that under the influence of steroids by the enzyme aromatase (secreted by the adrenal gland) has the ability to transform Testosterone (male sex hormone) to estrogen (female sex hormone). As a result, blood athletes dramatically increases the level of estrogen that leads to fat gain, fluid retention in the body, decreases the prominence of muscles, increasing the risk of gynecomastia and other side effects from which you need as soon as possible to get rid of.

the Drug Tamoxiver reviews, which allow to speak about its efficiency in sports pharmacology, blocks the action of estrogen receptors. It is important to understand that the tool exerts a blocking effect on the receptor without preventing the formation of new, and requires careful application because of the side effects.

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