Tamoximed 20 tabs/20 mg ( Tamoxifene Citrate )

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Description of the drug Tamoximed 20 tabs 20 mg

Information for those who want to buy Tamoximed (Tamoximed)

the Main task of the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) is to reduce the level of estrogen in the blood, which may be too high after completing the steroid course. In addition, studies confirm the effectiveness of the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) in various tumor diseases, in particular in breast cancer. In the sports world, buy Tamoximed (Tamoximed) the first is the athletes who need to restore their natural Testosterone level.

When the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) enters the body, it starts to affect estrogen receptors, that is, acts as estrogens. After Tamoximed enters the cells of the tumor, the effect of estrogenov suppressed.

Characteristics of the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed)

the Drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) is nothing like protivoopujoleve hormonal agent, which also functions as antagonist of the hormones. The drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) comes in a crystalline powder, odorless, but its solution in water is almost impossible. Keep Tamoximed (Tamoximed) should be in dark and dry place, inaccessible to children.

the Course of the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed)

experts Usually recommend to undergo with the drug Tamoximed (Tamoximed) for 3-4 weeks, although there are cases when doctors prescribe a longer course until you do not start the process of regression. A day usually do not take more than 40 mg of the drug, and its complete elimination from the body occurs within 1 week.

For efficiency, buy Tamoximed (Tamoximed) can be shared with other drugs, but such combinations are to be held after the doctor's recommendations.

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