Proviron 50 tabs/50 mg ( Mesterolone )

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Description of the drug Proviron 50 tabs 50 mg

Proviron – steroid drug-free means of having a major hormonal androgenic, anabolic effect. Due to their features and performance indicators at the present time this drug is widely used among beginners and professional athletes in different categories: weight lifters, bodybuilders, powerlifters and others. The basis of this steroid is a component that has negligible properties of the aromatase inhibitor, but it even gives you the ability to fully block the symptoms of estrogens.

Description proviron points to the fact that the chemical composition of a steroid means in no way affects the process production of natural Testosterone, however, along with this stimulates the process of increasing the concentration of the hormone through activation of globulin, linking sex hormones. It is thanks to this particular course of proviron is considered almost indispensable, and no alternative steroid drug.

in view of the strong impact of individual elements of the component composition on the body of the host of the sportsman, before you buy Proviron, it is strongly recommended to obtain advice from a qualified professional (medical worker). In USA Proviron is included in the list of drugs approved for use and sale. In Boston Proviron can be found in any specialty store. Price proviron is affordable and cost justified.

efficiency Indicators equity

Stimulation increase sexual activity and significant increase of libido;

Activation of uniform growth of muscle mass;

the Impact on the allocation of individual muscle fibers and, as a result, drawing a clear show jumping competitions and muscle mass;

Pronounced androgenic activity;

Stimulation of the destruction of subcutaneous fat and increase muscle energy reserves;

increasing the number of red blood cells and, as a result, improvement in General condition, increase endurance and power characteristics;

Excretion of excess fluid from the body.

Recommendations for admission

As stated in the reviews, Proviron is not used as the only drug on the course and gives a significant result only in the complex. Consequently, the duration and frequency of the use of funds varies depending on your goals and drugs used. Typically, the normal dosage is 50 milligrams.


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