Provinazol 50 tabs/50 mg ( Mesterolone )

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Proviron (Provinazol) is an androgen which does not apply to anabolic drugs and does not own its functions. This drug manufacturer Sopharma is always applied to reduce (eliminate) dysfunction, which was formed due to the lack of Testosterone after exposure to certain drugs.

In some cases, Proviron (Provinazol)

If the drug is not individually created for increasing body mass and strength of muscles, it does not mean its futility (as used to think a lot of athletes). In addition to the achievements, you must monitor your body.

In some cases Proviron is used in bodybuilding and other sports:

executing the function of estrogen, this drug controls the conversion of Testosterone to estradiol after using anabolic steroids (in other words, there is a preservation of the male hormone); when interacting with some anabolics, Proviron (Provinazol) will increase muscle mass (effective for those who have ceased to improve results); promotes muscle loss.

Also this drug is used not only for athletes but also for men who have chronic problems with the production of Testosterone. This androgen increases the number of active sperms.

the Correct application proviron (Provinazol)

Average dosage of proviron is 50-100 mg for men 24 hours, and about 25mg for women. However, it all depends on the body weight of the host. In some cases, increase the dose, but should not get involved with this drug. A set portion per day should be divided into 2 equal parts and take at the same time after a meal.

Important!! Before the use of any drugs should definitely consult a doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

If it is correct to adhere to the schedule of proviron (Provinazol) and its dosage, side effects may not occur. Reviews Provinazol left to skilled professionals and athletes, confirm no as such side effects while fully respecting the rules of treatment.

Possible side effects:

swelling; baldness; long Ariccia; iatrogenic disease in the form of hyperstimulation of ovaries.

With the appearance of pain the best option would be the discontinuation of the drug.

the Ordering Provinazol better off if man or woman is ill a critical liver disease or cancer cells of the prostate.

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