Provimed 60 tabs/50 mg ( Mesterolone )

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Description of the drug Provimed 50 mg 60 tabs

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on this page of our online store drug Provimed (Provided) from the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a popular aromatase blocker, is used by many athletes to prevent aromatization of the active ingredients steroid drugs used by them to enhance athletic performance and faster muscle building. However, such indications it does not mean that absolutely any man can buy Provimed (Provimed) and use it at your own discretion, because all the prescription dose, as in the case with the steroid course should deal exclusively with the specialist.

effect of the drug Provimed (Provided) in the body of the athlete

Using the drug Provimed (Provided) can not only get rid of the negative effects of aromatization in the body, that is, to reduce the level of estrogen and restore natural Testosterone, which can also be depressed steroids. Also, the drug affects the output of excess fluid from the body, which leads to the fact that muscle mass becomes more visible. All these properties are important to athletes who use steroids, and so buy Provimed (Provimed) recommended to their wards many professional trainers.

as of the effective dosage of the drug Provided (Provimed) often use 50-100 milligrams daily, and after it will show positive dynamics, which lead to reduction of adverse effects of steroids, you can reduce the dosage of Privilege to 25-50 milligrams per day. Usually the duration of the course is 12 weeks and this is usually enough to restore the natural function of the body and not to hurt him.

Exceed the dosage of the drug Provided (Provimed) makes no sense, since more rapid recovery of the body it will not, but the side effects can cause. Among them are: hair loss on head, excessive body hair growth, and acne.

In our online shop sports pharmacology buy Provimed (Provimed) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals can be anyone, and we guarantee you the lowest price on this drug and its authenticity. Delivery to any region of USA in the shortest possible time is another advantage. Contact us!


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