Proviged(Proviron) 60 tabs/50 mg ( Mesterolone )

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Active substance is Mesterolone. This substance has a positive effect on male potency by improving the quantity and quality of sperm. Proviged is a drug that comes in tablet form.

With the help of this medication men effectively fight disorders of erectile function. Increases libido, is a common condition men (both moral and physical), it returns to its former virility. In sports it is used as a blocker of aromatase, adding on steroid courses. Because the intake of proviron recovers aromatization of potent drugs, thereby reducing risks of unwanted side effects.

Some women also use this drug in muscle mass. However, the dosage for women is much lower than for men. Otherwise, women experience a number of extremely unpleasant side effects, below.

the Boys who have not reached puberty should cautiously take the drug. Ideally before taking the drug should contact a doctor - urologist, not to harm their own body.

Dosage Proviged (Proviron) 60 tab 50 mg

the Daily rate of the drug for males is 100 milligrams. This dose should be divided into 2 parts of 50 milligrams and taken with food.

the Daily rate for women is significantly lower, 25 milligram a day.

After you start taking carefully watch the reaction of your body and if necessary adjust the dose. It is best to consult with a doctor before taking the drug. He quickly and correctly pick up the dose for You without risk to health.

Side effects Proviged (Proviron) 60 tab 50 mg

side effects that can occur in men as a result of taking such a drug as Proviged include: hair loss, stomach pain, dehydration, sometimes there are benign and malignant, bleeding in the abdominal cavity, hypertrophy of the prostate.
Women taking Proviged a long time, and celebrate the manifestation of the following side effects: increased hair growth, coarseness of voice, irritability and others.

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Reviews on Proviged (Proviron) 60 tab 50 mg

Most reviews on Proviged (Proviron) of men say that this drug is a great way to combat the negative effects after receiving steroids for male potency. Libido and self-esteem has considerably increased.
Women who took Proviged (Proviron) say that with it they gained the desired shape.


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