Proviged (Proviron) 20 tabs/50 mg ( Mesterolone )

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Description of the drug Proviged20 tabs 50 mg

Proviged (Proviron) is a hormonal drug spectrum. He has moderate androgenic activity. The active substance is Mesterolone proviron, which are aimed at improving erectile function in men. This drug is a pill for peroralno use.

Thanks to the use of such tablets as Proviged (Provided), the quality of the sperm improves and the number is growing. This medicine effectively helps men with low libido and acts as an antidepressant. Thanks Proveeduria feels confident, knowing that he will no longer have to be ashamed of themselves in front of women.

Although this drug is mainly focused on men, women, too often it is used. It helps women to build muscle mass. However, it is used only in small quantities, as there is a risk of side effects.

most Often take Proviron bodybuilders, because this product is struggling with a possible manifestation of gynecomastia and fat deposition on the female type. Adding it on steroid courses, athletes do not worry about the side effects associated with aromatase.

the young Men also must be careful not to take this drug.

Dosage Proviged (Proviron) 20 tabs 50 mg

Normal daily dose Proviged (Provided) is 50 milligrams 2 times a day, that is 100 milligrams in 24 hours. This should be made at equal intervals of time. This drug should be drinking during the meal.

If you take the medication in larger amounts, significantly increases the risk of side effects.

If after you start taking the drug appeared health problems, then you should immediately reduce the dose and consult the doctor.

Side effects Proviged (Proviron) 20 tabs 50 mg

the male athletes can experience the following adverse reactions: male-pattern baldness, prostate hypertrophy, gynecomastia, obesity on female type, the accumulation of water. Sometimes it can be benign and malignant tumors, intra-abdominal bleeding.

the female half of the may occur following side effects: increased hair growth on the body and face, voice change, irritability, high blood pressure.

Following the instructions You will be able to reduce the risk of side effects to a minimum.

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Reviews Proviged (Proviron) 20 tabs 50 mg

According to the reviews Proviged (Proviron) greatly increases the potency in men and improves libido, which positively affects the communication with the opposite sex.
Women say that while taking the drug, they were able to attain the desired relief.
Also some men speak positively about Provided how about the drug, which is good to use in PCT to remedy violations of erectile function.


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